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The impending collapse of Monarchy and the tragedy ahead! …


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HRH Princess Royal Anne was the perfect role model for Harry, she supported and acted as Wing Man for her brother, from an early age.

Anne used the privilege of her birth, which gave her, like Harry, one of the most enviable roles on the planet, by birth.

Harry, like Anne, was born into wealth, opulence & status – a situation she turned to her own great advantage, whilst forging, through dedication and hard work, an outstanding career as a world-class equestrian a position as an Olympian and a seat on the Global Committee of the Olympics.

Princess Anne, as ‘Spare’ never put a foot wrong, was never an embarrassment to her parents, her family or her Country. She is witty, humorous, pithy, practical, stoic, hard-working and a credit to all.

Harry on the other hand was born with his Father’s temper and was a constant concern, particularly to his Mother, with his extreme temper tantrums, to gain attention, his own way and out of jealousy of his older brother, temper tantrums that led to his mother seeking psychiatric help in his upbringing, he was still having temper tantrums when she died.

Princess Diana was forever being contacted by his school who found it hard to cope with him, a situation that continued until he left school, fortunately he was admitted to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst despite NOT having the academic qualifications required but by accident of birth, and at the time he was third in line to the throne after his Father and his older brother.

Do remember, everywhere he went as a young man he was with minders, minders who were with him to try to prevent him picking fights with people and assaulting members of the public. Cheeky chappie he was NOT!

Be minded he was served in Afghanistan and had both security police, bodyguards and minders, and his own staff! He spent most of his time in a well-defended concrete bunker in the centre of Helmand Barracks playing video games!

Harry is besotted with self-pity, jealousy & self-importance. Harry should remember how well off he is, many people are born with nothing, to destitute Mothers with no idea who their Father’s were, Millions each year are born the product of warfare, rape and obscene Muslim customs of Rape and contempt for women. For facts see:
Harbouring Pakistani & Kashmiri rape gangs and other illegal immigrants & then turning a blind eye to their crimes, including the systematic rape of children & random murders + knife crime, is unacceptable! …

Harry should grow up and stop snivelling – be minded, he hardly knew his Mother as she died when he was a mere child and part of the (dubious privilege) of his childhood, was that she had extensive use of nanny’s and he and his elder brother were away at boarding school. Also be minded in the early years of her marriage Diana was frequently away on royal duties and after she started philandering (before Charles!) she had numerous affairs that took her from home leaving the rearing of her two boys.

Harry must have barely known his mother! and be minded she had just had a holiday in the Med on a suitor’s yacht and died in a car crash, leaving her boyfriend of the time’s hotel, after dinner to return to his flat in Paris!

Meanwhile her sons were over 1,000miles away, as was so often the case!

Sadly young Harry seems to have conveniently overlooked the facts & has invented memories – a skill which both Harry & Meghan are so adroit at – Well you may remember the pack of lies they put together for their hour-long PR release with Oprah Winfrey – a PR stunt that, due to the utter incompetence of Oprah Winfrey as a journalist destroyed both her reputation and their own, with anybody with the vaguest intelligence and value for the truth.

Her Majesty The Queen had the measure of them both in her reported comment that Meghan was vile and her Witten response was even more telling as she stated, with wry good humour and subtlety that it was not how others remembered the truth – she was far too polite to publicly denounce them as the liars they clearly have proved to be.

The toxic pair’s Netflix series of 6 programs proved so boorish and so boring, not to mention inaccurate/dishonest that even Netflix realised this self-pitying whine feste should be condensed to two segments only.

As for the book ‘Spare’ which Harry commissioned for an obscure novelist to write for him – it too was a self-pitying whine fest, without merit or interest, a vituperative and distasteful diatribe.

Even the Coronation managed to make the pair of them look ridiculous, despite being invited with their children Meghan & Harry made fools of themselves by posturing & pleading for apologies from, seemingly anyone who might provide one, when it was they who had insulted The Queen, befouled their own position, tormenting both the Queen and her husband, both in their dying days, they bad mouthed both Harry’s Father and his brother and desperately and offensively sought to belittle both Charles’ wife and Williams’!

Meanwhile Meghan had consequentially lied about her family, insulted her sister, ignored her brother and all but disowned her own Father, who we all know has done everything in his power to do for Meghan, despite her sequential insults and ingratitude.

Meghan, did at least seem to realise she had made herself about as popular as a pig in a Mosque so she ‘bottled out’ of attending as she realised she might well be booed by those in and outside Westminster Abbey. It is almost as if Meghan had dreamed up a game plan to bring shame on her nationality, her people her family and drag Harry into the gutter she so rightly inhabits, bereft of friends, as we saw at her wedding, where only one member of her family attended and she built a guest list of so-called celebrities whom clearly she could not, in even her wildest dreams, call friends.

The excuse used for not attending was that it was her son’s 4th. birthday – yet on the day of his birthday she announced she had gone rambling in the woods with a friend, others call it a photo opportunity or a liaison! Where was her son, whom she had used as an excuse not to go to the Coronation – doubtless foist on others with his sister, on this his birthday.

Notably, she did, however, send her beleaguered and abused husband! Hen Pecked Harry looked like a bemused and unhappy child at the ceremony and much as he sought responses as he proceeded to his seat, he walked alone looking from right to left for welcoming faces and unsurprisingly found none but his 2 cousins and their husbands and his aunt – even their conversations were brief – he then went to Buckingham Palace, but is believed to have spoken to no family in the half hour before he left to be home during the evening of Archie’s birthday.

Do bear in mind that I stand by the many other comments, facts & opinions I have written on the issue of Monarchy, Harry, Meghan & the probability that Charles & William will destroy the Monarchy in Britain, much to the disadvantage of Britain, The Commonwealth, The Anglosphere and our planet – with their gullibility & stunning stupidity. Her Majesty was a great success for 70 difficult years & never once did she state her political views.

Prince Charles, when he was Prince of Wales, when challenged regarding his political views & idiotic and unscientific nonsense about Anthropogenic Climate Change, assured that he would not comment once King ‘did we think he was an idiot?’, well now we KNOW he is – since being King he has had a full on confrontation with our elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson, regarding illegal immigrants & Rwanda, gave a keynote speech at The WEF annual Davos conference regarding Climate – about which he seems to know nothing!

It is worthy of note that it is unsurprising that he advocates use of electricity – Be minded Charles and his family derive vast wealth, paid by the public, as a tax on Wind Turbines, Off Shore, and on Crown Estates!!! Furthermore, their huge income is tax-free!!!

Sadly, not only do Charles & his sons share a violent and petulant temper, but clearly they are all 3 detached from reality and the scientific facts pertaining to Climate & the Fraud of Net Zero, for which there is zero scientific evidence. Just study the undemocratic lies and obscene aims of The WEF pandering to the greed of Billionaires, including the Royal Family, and be minded Charles AND William support that fraud!

I have just read The Daily Telegraph article that gives details of Charles’ foolish behaviour, now he is King, we can be assured he is the idiot he denied he would be, just read the article yourself, for Tuesday after the Coronation and just how overtly political it was!
Here is proff positive King Charles is the very idiot he promised not to be sadly – Firstly he made a totally political speech in Rwanda, against the direct warning of our elected Prime Minister, putting the Monarchy in jeopardy – then he made a keynote speech at the WEF agm, known to most as Davos.

As if such stupidity was not enough consider his very first official duty after his Coronation speech See:

Charles’ son William is proving to be just as much of an idiot – first he appoints the odious and extreme Jacinda Ardern, who fled her job in New Zealand aware she had made a total fool of herself, rather than wait for the country to chuck her, & her party out, (Little wonder as she was a member of the vile liar and war criminal Tony Blair’s staff!), then he delivered an overtly political WOKE speech embroiling his Father at the Windsor Concert.

Sadly their days are numbered and the collapse of the Monarchy becomes more certain, it will cause great harm to the peoples of Britain – You and I.


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