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Dozey Joe Biden & the USA of Biden’s
is no friend of Britain –
Biden offers no Special Relationship of ANY Value …


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Greg Lance – Watkins
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How does wearing a badge stating some pronouns
change your gender?

There are undeniably only two genders, as proven beyond all doubt, by the fact that every single cell in a female’s body carries female DNA & chromosomes, just as every cell in a male’s body is DNA & Chromosome markered as male. There is absolutely no hormone or medical treatment that can alter the markers in each cell and obviously no physical alteration – thus whatever one is born as, male or female can not be altered.

Thus it is clear that Females are she or her and Males are he or him – thus any other claim to gender could only use a single further pronoun ‘twat’.

Wearing a badge in the form of a Yellow Star grossly altered the status of many in Germany, whilst the majority supported anti Semitism in Germany, and the population indulged in Genocide as most Germans were clearly racist as they slaughtered around 6,000,000 Jews!

A form of Racism emulated by Americans based on Caucasian origins rather than Arian origins!

A form of Racism so very scarce in Britain, such that we even find the overt racism of Dozey Joe Biden as he seeks to dictate how Britain should treat The Irish, based on what it is hard to tell as Biden seems not to realise Ireland, despite siding with Germany in the last war and thus in support of anti Semitism, is, and has been for centuries, dependent on mainland Britain both for defence and employment. During the ‘famine’ it was Britain that supplied ship loads of food and escorted it through the cities to distribute it in the harder hit rural areas, with its large Roman Catholic families, it was Britain & the Crown that tried to feed Ireland and the Irish, and not America!

May I remind Mr. Biden that over 60% of Americans claiming Irish ancestors were Protestants from Northern Ireland and despite Ireland NEVER having shouldered the burden of cost of a defence force it has always been defended by Britain.

Let us also not forget Britain has always had open borders for the Irish, wishing to find emploment health services and education and granted the right to send money back to Ireland to support their families – NEVER have we demanded details of political, ethnic or religious affiliation, yet America openly and blatantly has supported Irish Terrorism, which in the main has been a thin cover for nothing more than protection rackets and similar criminals!

Biden & America openly funded murderers like Jerry Adams, Martyn McGuiness & Bobby Sands & terrorist republican groups in Northern Ireland: the new IRA, the Continuity IRA (CIRA), Óglaigh na hÉireann (ONH – which split into two factions ONH and IRB), and Arm na Poblacht (ANP).

Never once did either America, The EU or the Catholic Church denounce the terrorist for the many murders of civilians and children or bombings of public buildings, either in Ireland itself or in mainland Britain.
Let us not forget neither America nor continental EUrope lifted a finger to bring an end to the mass murders in Ireland & Britain by the terrorists yet Britain had risked its all to defend EUrope from the tyrany of Germany and although less Americans were killed in the Twin Towers & Pentagon incident than Brits in ‘The Troubles’ we in Britain did all we could to assist America!

Let us not forget America was conspicuous by its absence both at the start of WWI & WWII – also you may conveniently overlook the endeavours of IBM to provide a punch card system (the computer of its day) to list and identify the Jews in Germany & France so that they could, with their yellow stars, be rounded up and shipped to German holding zones pending mass extermination by the German military and was it not the banker Prescott Bush (Yes of that dynasty) who helped fund German war efforts via the Nazi Party, and do correct me if I am wrong in pointing out Barbara Bush was German!

To go back a little, perhaps you are unaware that it was the Agricultural ministry of its day in London, that continuously pointed out to Ireland that if they failed to rotate their crops and kept on just planting potatoes the nitrogen in the soil would become depleted and the yield of the crop would diminish and the potatoes themselves would become an ever weaker strain. It is convenient for America, particularly those of Irish origin, to overlook it was the IRISH land owners who shipped their crops to England where the prices were higher, and it was those very well off land owners whose sons were domicile in The Court of St James, spending the profits – NOT absentee ENGLISH landlords, any more than it was absentee English landowners but in reality The Duchess of Sutherland and the Dukes of Argyle who, never having been south of the Scottish borders, instigated the Clearances of crofters in Scotland, to make way for the greatly more profitable sheep and exports of wool!

That the potatoe crop in Ireland was both diminished and weakened is irrefutable, but what is often conveniently overlooked is that the potatoe blight that caused the ravages of the harvest and its famine enducing failure was an American import – it is documented that a shipload of potatoes on route from America to Liverpool opened its hold, to dress the cargo to obtain the best price on docking – to their horror the crop was a rotten stinking mass of blight! Obviously they would be denied docking facilities with such a cargo and have no return cargo. It was decided to empty the holds & wash them out at sea before proceeding to Liverpool – an action which, unwittingly, floated blight into Ireland!

It is also conveniently written out of Irish history that it was the British Crown that purchased food at London, Bristol and Liverpool which was then shipped to Ireland free of charge and distributed by the army to the starving masses of rural ireland.

I guess there are few, even amongst the staunchest Americans who would denny the gullible stupidity of Sleepy Joe, even in his dottage – one can hardly expect his ancestors to hand down the legend that although being amongst the thickest of the thick from rural Western Ireland, they had sufficient to fund their escape from the poverty of Ireland.

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