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Leading to A Coronation
Charles III earns little but contempt –
a pattern followed by his sons!
They should stand aside & await Prince George’s Majority …


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins
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sadly, as I have at 77 always been a Monarchist, including Military Service & training at RMAS (The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst), it is with great regret that I believe Charles III is such a pratt and far from bright, that I believerhe will, aided by his foolish son William, bring an end to the Monarchy in Britain by 2030.

Both of them are either gullible fools or corrupt liars, in the light of their political stupidity trying to promote the undeniable fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change/Crisis – There isn’t a shred of scientific provenance to uphold the fraud – nor is there ANY evidence that CO2 alters the temperature on this planet and the record shows that CO2 rises AFTER temperature rises NOT before in a causal manner.

Further you may remember that Charles III, when Prince of Wales gave a solomn promise that his mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles would NEVER become The Queen if he married her – It seems Charles III is not only a fool but a liar to boot!

I note 3 of Charles’ ex mistesses Grand Children are to have official roles as Pages at the Coronation, putting them on a par with Prince George – By what in the name of Hell has our Monarchy stooped so low for? What regal entitlement makes his doxey’s grand children on a par with the Heir to the throne, a throne Charles III & his son William seem so willing to befoul? A throne Harry seems determined to destroy in his continuing selfish jealousy!

Further compounding his folly, not to mention corruption and dishonesty, Charles & William are bound by custom and oath and the Law of our land to be Defender of The Faith – yet clearly they are not even pretending to be Christians, you will note Charles has made zero reference to his duty on the invitation to his Coronation. In fact Charles III has seen fit, not only to lie but to compound his abrogation of duty by not only including the effigy of a Pagan Demie God on the invitation, in the form of ‘The Green Man’, but to outspokenly venerate some of the most evil standards of worship/superstition on this planet.

I gather it is also Charles IIIrds intention to have pagan spokesmen presenting views, opinions and prayers in Westminster Abbey!

What next are we to expect? How about taking some of the perverts out of classrooms where they perform their sordid so called Trans antics and have them perform on the High Altar in the abbey and then invite a Pakistani Muslim Rape gang to sequentially bugger the choir!

It would seem that there is little likelihood of any legal halt to this being called, with a Police Force that solves only 4% of burglaries and prosecution of only 1.6% or reported Rapes. A Police force with literally 1,000s in its number with records of sexual misconduct and criminal behaviour and a leader of His Majesty’s Government Opposition who as CEO of The CPS sought to suppress the prosecution of the crimes of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and the Pakistani Rape gangs responsible for the grooming and rape of literally 1,000s of young under age girls!

Indeed past CEO of The CPS now leader of His Majesty’s Opposition and aspirant Prime Minister who it would seem willingly supported a supporter of terrorism and anti-Semite to further his career and has since proved, it would seem, not to have a clue what a woman is!

It is for this reason, together with numerous others, I believe the only honourable action available to Charles III is to act with integrity and dignity and renounce his Regality, which he has shown himself unfit to hold, and accept the Role & Title of Prince Regent to act in accord with duty, custom and the law for his Grandson George and to hold the Office until Prince William inherits the role – and to ensure Prince George is trained and prepared to accept the role in accord with our illustrious past, as Monarch, on his Majority.

I call on Charles to act in memory and honour of both his Father and his Mother, neither of whom put a foot wrong in 70 years on the Throne. Unlike the politicisation, ineptitude and WOKERY both Charles and his son have displayed.


King Charles’s Coronation hit by huge set back as row breaks out

King Charles and Archbishop Welby

The King is at loggerheads with the Church of England

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 09/04/2023

The monarch wants the historic ceremony to be the most diverse ever

A row over King Charles’s demands for his Coronation has led to the publication of the order of service being delayed.

Just four weeks away from the historic ceremony, discussions remain ongoing over the role that different faiths can play in the constitutional event.

The King is eager to make his Coronation as diverse as possible, with non-Christian faiths given higher prominence in the service than they have previously.

The Coronation will take place on May 6 with plans for it to be the most rooted in long-standing tradition and Christian symbolism version of the event that has ever taken place.

However, it is claimed that Church leaders are resisting some of the monarch’s demands.

While there are no concerns about the guest list, plans to let non-Christian faiths play a more active role in the ceremony itself have caused concern.

They are thought to have warned the King that his wishes risk clashing with centuries- old canon law, which bars Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and other faith leaders from reading out prayers during the service.

According to the Mail on Sunday a meeting was held at Lambeth Palace last month at which attendees were told that the aim was to publish the order of service “before Easter, with suitable guidance for the clergy”.

But the self-imposed deadline has now been met without plans having been formalised due to the frictions.

Charles made his ambitions clear to be a more inclusive monarch almost 30 years ago.

The then-Prince of Wales declared that when he became monarch he wanted to no longer be known as simply “Defender of the Faith” – the title given to all English sovereigns since Henry VIII as head of the Church of England – but rather “Defender of Faith”.

Last month, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell released a joint statement in which they said the Coronation “at its centre is a Christian service”.

They added that it was “rooted in long-standing tradition and Christian symbolism”.

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