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Harbouring Pakistani & Kashmiri rape gangs
and other illegal immigrants & then turning a blind eye to their crimes,
including the systematic rape of children
& random murders + knife crime, is unacceptable! …


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins


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The main island is approx 129 miles long & 30 miles across.


congratulations to GB News Investigates, presenter Charlie Peters, who tells the full story of the nationwide grooming gangs scandal, in this 45 minute documentary below.

Charlie Peters has obtained exclusive interviews with survivors, whistleblowers and activists.

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Let us hope Charlie Peters does not meet with the same fate as Mark Steyn who was removed from GBNews by OfCom for telling the truth about aspects of Covid-19, Vaccines and Lockdowns – contra the propaganda and approved bias of the WHO, The British Government and others. For more details about Mark Steyn see:


There is very little hope, as there is no real effort to rid our country of illegal immigrants, we have an idiot for a King who has lost control of his family and has NEVER understood his job, as he is as thick as a brick, he is like an old corduroy sofa as he takes on the form and style of the last person to sit on him, amongst his plethora of self serving courtiers and advisers!

Charles III is head of the Church of England & takes instruction from the WOKE buffoon Welby, who is as wet as lettuce – Charles is so dim that he thinks he can be leader of ALL faiths when many of them are aggressively contradictory. In a similar manner to a man who having proved he can not cope with one woman, believes he can cope with others! Not content with his role as Head of The Church of England he is only too happy to espouse the fanciful extra terrestrial nature of Crop Circles and the totally unproven medical benefits of Homeopathy and seemingly the cult of any passing ‘Guru’!

We have a Marxist/Socialist Labour Party who can’t work out what a woman is and collude with Councillors, Police, Social Workers etc. in turning a blind eye to Pakistani & Kashmiri rape gangs, so as not to lose votes from their utterly corrupt supporters.

And no Politicians, Police, Courts, Social Workers or the like seem to give a damn about our borders or their duty of care for the innocent! Add to that the unarguable fact that, as with every time in the past (without exception), Labour would be a catastrophe for Britain, The Lib Dims live down to their name and are an embarrassment and we currently have a PM, Chancellor & senior Civil Servants who are working to destroy Britain’s democratic Sovereignty as they support the unelected and evil #WEF ( and the interests of foreign powers, including China and the EU.
We voted for a TOTAL separation from the odious EU, yet the treasonous crooks who run our publicly funded Public Offices strenuously work to sabotage our country in pursuit of more personal power and greed.
We voted for self determination and the low lifes in power are all too willing to collude with the unelected rabble in the ECHR, the unconstitutional WOKE brigade and the power crazed Billionaires’ cults of the WEF, WHO, UN, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Common Purpose, Free Masons, Speculative Society, Davos & the many other secretive groups aiming to suborn Justice, Democracy and Our Constitution – Including OUR corrupt self serving & destructive Unions.
Just stop for a moment and read Article 61 of OUR Magna Carta – It is unlawful to surrender OUR Country to Foreign/Alien rule, the ONLY way our democracy can be surrendered to outside rule is clearly stated as: by act of conquest.
Start out by completing Brexit, leaving the ECHR, proscribing the other secretive bodies – Shutting our borders to ALL but those with legal right to visit or live here.
Then start to round up all illegals, fine those who employ or house them and deport them to their Country of origin – if there is any problem with that ship them, together with any foreign passport holding foreigners (without British passports) and those without documents, who are in prison or charged with a crime, to South Georgia where they can build their own homes (take a jumper!) or arrange to legally go to a Country that will have them (France perhaps!).


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From 04-Jul-2022 until Early December 2022:
I was banned from TWITTER.
Allegedly, I had broken a TWITTER Rule,
But, Seemingly they lacked the integrity or competence
to identify the rule!
PRESUMABLY I told the Truth or Used a fact
that does not suit their corrupt WOKE agenda,
bias or propaganda!

As the corrupt & biased owners at the time
no longer use their lies, bias & propaganda on Twitter
to Un-platform People as it is no longer owned & managed by them
as Elon Musk has purchased the platform:
I have rejoined, by deleting my provably accurate Tweet:

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Every part of the Tweet are provable FACTS, the truth seems not to have been popular!
Let us hope Elon Musk’s ownership will lead to greater integrity from Twitter!