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THE W.E.F. World Control by the unelected wealthy!

The World Economic Forum’s Plan to Send Us Back to the Stone Age! …




In this shocking interview:

I Reveal the Details of the World Economic Forum’s Plan to Send Us Back to the Stone Age!

If you’re wondering what the World Economic Forum is up to, then you need to watch this interview!

I share the shocking details of their plan to send us back to the stone age, and it doesn’t look good.

This interview is something of a prompted monologue, but for all that, it is a must-watch if you’re concerned about the future of our world, and the damage The World Economic Forum plans to do under the guise of the anthropogenic global warming fraud & the lockdowns they will use The WHO to achieve and 15minute home zone confinements.

With alarming information like this, it’s important that we all watch and learn!

According to the WEF: The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, where Klaus Schwab, its founder and life time CEO pays himself C£500,000 a year and has amassed large property & land holdings for himself and also for The WEF itself!

It is claimed that The WEF is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. Except of course the self interest of its senior members and devotees, I would contend! It is best known to the public at large for its annual meeting of senior members, which is known as The Davos Summit, attended by upwards of 1,000 Billionaires in their private jets and the heads of State or senior Government representatives of some 70 to 80 Countries!

Little wonder that Klaus Shwab commands the services of C5,000 Swiss Police and Military!

Never forget there isn’t a single elected executive in the whole scam, nor have the peoples of a single Nation voted to support or join in!

To View the Original Article CLICK HERE

Astonishingly there are many who are so gullible they do not believe this entire WEF cult is about absolute control – Mind Control:

Net zero carbon is a total fallacy. Climate change is caused by the sun’s changing output so our contribution is minuscule in comparison. Still, we can all contribute by using what we need and being mindful of our consuming habits.
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Do not let quack science con you into believing fossil fuels cause warming problems either as for starters neither oil or gas are fossil fuels – it was just a name ceded to them to justify the exceptionally high prices for the second most abundant fluid on earth – which comes from between 30& 40,000ft underground when there is absolutely no sign of ANY fossil activity below 16,000ft.
I know something of what I speak having been 4kms underground in Durban Deep in Roodepoort and having lived near the Driefontein mine in Gauteng and spending many happy hours exploring the mine dumps of Brakpan, Boxberg, Benoni and Springs!ReplyHighlighted reply

The gradual shifting of the poles is also a contributing factor.
Controversially Greg @michaelwhite3478  You have a point but it is something of a ‘maybe’ we have very little understanding of how the Magma and Core of the planet works/functions nor how it effects other parts of the planet.We don’t even KNOW how Oil is created as it’s origin is seemingly below 30,000 feet underground and the change in pressure and temperature as it comes closer to the surface would seem to make it all but unrecognisable relative to its origins when we can analyse it at the surface!

We do know that there would seem to be a great zone of molten material that seems to be iron ore, which is in the molten core of the planet and that is SEEMS to be moving as a mass that may well give rise to polar shifts over the millennia – but never forget Science is comprised of that theory we believe is accurate at a given time and should always be open to discussion and debate.

When science is presented as ‘settled’ or ‘certain’ you are listening to either a charlatan or a fool! Be minded Science stated for millennia that the world was flat and both science and the religions were for millennia of the CERTAINTY that the Sun, Solar System and stars revolved around our planet.

In reality we only have a thinly veiled belief that the Bronze Age was brought to a shuddering halt in 1177BCE by The Sea Peoples, when we don’t even know who The Sea Peoples were!

Amongst the honest we even have a word for all that we do not know or understand, a word worshipped in many forms by much of mankind for 1,000s of years – the word is God! God or Gods as a finite entity is quite clearly the greatest fraud against mankind and for control of mankind – A fraud only slightly exceeding the fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change, for which there isn’t a shred of scientifically proven evidence, merely a bundle of artfully selected data of dubious worth that fits one of the 20 or so most popular Computer Models that provide control for The WEF and its minions and puppets to advance their evil aims.Beware of the Oh So questionable word of Scientists who seek to exploit the catch all concept of Gods! This planet’s weather/climate has been a matter of constant irregular change for 4.6 Billion Years.At this stage I would ask you to stop and analyse that statement ‘scientifically’ minded that if one represented One Million as 11 minutes then One Billion would equate to 31 years!

Great to hear you both back together. Would love more conversations like this in the future.
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I concur.
Welcome back Greg man have we missed you. A common sense straight forward opinion on the matters at hand. Couldn’t agree more. More like this would be welcome
Greg, I am really pleased to know that you are alive and well and to once more hear the voice of reason. I have a rather clever brother who has been researching this organisation and others for years,endlessly bending my ear that democracy is ans has been under serious threat from people such as these. I agree totally,not from certain knowlege but from my gut feeling and instinct that these mega rich desire to “organise” every detail of the lives of us “peasants” However, my reply to my Brother has always been, A. What can I actually do to stop them B. if push comes to shove, well put it this way ,my Army training would be put to good use once more !Sadly although there is a broad base of distrust towards these people, in reality What can we do, that is the crux of the dilema ! however well done Greg for raising this issue.Reply

Controversially Greg

Be minded that it is better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees. You may well find that

will provide you with a ready supply of developing facts and ideas! You may also find other sources at:

You CAN do something – spread the facts widely.

Welcome back Greg, you have been missed without any exaggeration. Lovely discussion, I look forward to more duet discussions.
Really glad to hear Greg talk about the Late Bronze Age Collapse, as I see many parallels with our modern era. And also his brief mention of Gobekli Tepe (the Younger Dryas collapse)
Great to hear the familiar tone of Greg! He’s obviously been down the rabbit hole in the last year! But voicing much of what is wrong with the world. We need commentators like him to keep the bastards honest!
Thanks Greg, I really enjoy your analysis. Great to hear from you again.
Greg has wised up considerably since the last appearance
Well done for uploading this video, well done Greg for absolutely nailing it. Everyone should share this at least once. 🎓
The lesson to be learned here is that there is a fine line between stupid and evil.
About two years ago I Had a chat with Greg about his time in Scotland. As i myself spent a long time up there. Anyway, i liked that he took the time to respond to my rather juvenile comment then, but then i wasn’t trying to be smart. Today i am truly pleased to hear him speak sense again. The WEF is mid management for those who really are the string pullers, make no mistake about it, those in the limelight are never the real villains. We know who they are, they belong where lines are grey, where beliefs and religions mean little as only the horned god is king. Have you paid for your right to live today ? That’s what you’ll soon hear if we do not reject their plans for humanity. No need to take up arms, just walk away from everything that defines their system.
Really good to hear you again Greg. 👍
Thank you Greg, its good to hear you speak the truth about the WEF, we need a lawful rebellion, article 61 of the Magna Carta.
You may recall in 2021 I fronted, to the House of Lords, the presentation of a Petition to Her Majesty The Queen with Idris Francis, Ashley Moat, Malcolm Wood & 25 of the titled descendants of The Barons who together with King John signed The Magna Carta at Runnemede in 1215, on the grounds that under Article 61 no one could authorise or surrender the Sovereignty of Britain to any third party and that the only way in which it could be transferred to another party was by loss in War – Thus Britain’s membership of The EU was illegal and being Ultra Vires was Nul and Void!
Greg is a honest person that speaks truth 👏
Greg is 100% on point. 👍🏻
They will not tax the air you breathe….they will tax the air you exhale… is all about revenue streams and environment safety
That was quite Illuminative….☝🎩
Yup. I’m with Greg on this one. There’s been far too much evidence, for far too many decades, for a thinking person NOT to be.
My own personal opinion is that the members of the WEF should mind their own buisness and stay the hell out of my life. I would suggest that contrary to what may be presented on TV and the internet, my opinion is probably the same as billions of people.
brilliant thank you
I think Greg might be onto something 😮
Good job on using more than 1 image… Much better to watch
No greater source of evil.
The World egomaniac forum sounds troubling.
Greg is spot on
I thought I was listening to David Icke for a moment
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Be assured I am totally dissimilar as I neither charge a fortune for lectures on Conspiracy Theories and nor do I depend on outright lies!
Greg’s whole anti environmental thing is silly, yes there is peer reviewed science on it. Is it as bad as they say or whom is doing it may be muddled but people definitely cause an effect on the environment and the planet. Like we he really believes all the chemicals pumped in the air and water have no negative effects whatsoever is silly
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The astonishing fact is that people who seem to be otherwise well informed have been suckered into believing the unscientific profit making nonsense that mankind is responsible for climate change and global warming – the entire scam is dependent on feeding carefully selected data into computer models designed to come up with the required result of the corrupt who are paying for it as an investment to make more money and gain more control.

Our planet’s cycles of climate change have, for 4.6 Billion years, been predicated by the output of our local star – The Sun, with elements of variance also caused nu volcanic action, plate tectonics and strikes by bodies in space varying from Black Holes eg: Tanguska, Asteroids and large meteors.

Do be minded that the ‘core’ data clearly shows that periods that have higher temperatures invariably find themselves followe some 60 to 500 years later by a marked increase in CO2 levels and currently with around 400ppm we are dangerously low on CO2 as with just under 200ppm ALL plant life dies and with that ALL life dies save viruses and bacteria! The optimum for life is between 1,200 & 6,000ppm – we are unlikely to top that for many millennia, as during the last few 100s of Million years much of the CO2 on the planet has steadily been locked, by exoskeletal life forms both large and small, that on their demise have formed both chalk and limestone.

Do not let quack science con you into believing fossil fuels cause warming problems either as for starters neither oil or gas are fossil fuels – it was just a name ceded to them to justify the exceptionally high prices for the second most abundant fluid on earth – which comes from between 30& 40,000ft underground when there is absolutely no sign of ANY fossil activity below 16,000ft.

I know something of what I speak having been 4kms underground in Durban Deep in Roodepoort and having lived near the Driefontein mine in Gauteng and spending many happy hours exploring the mine dumps of Brakpan, Boxberg, Benoni and Springs! Mankind’s influence is recent and minuscule!


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