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The Bitter End of Bitter Jealousy & Bitter Failure! …


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins


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HARRY + MEGHAN as relevant as EDWARD + Wallace SIMPSON 01
Self Serving, Self Pitying victims of their own failure – In Different Ages The Same Shame!


why would anyone be in any hurry, in fact ever want, to reconcile with these two staggeringly odious creatures, Harry & Meghan – virtually every aspect of their personalities (in as far as they have personalities) is founded on their bitter, unfounded jealousy, self pity and a pack of lies and exaggerated fantasies.

They started gathering film clips, recordings, photographs and quotes from the moment they met to prop up their ambitions, greed and flimsy self pity.

They organised a wedding without family and friends, as it seems they resented and had alienated their family and had few friends. It became clear that they used Harry’s perceived status as a member of the Royal Family and his relationship with our past Queen to attract Slebs and ‘A’ list clowns and janglers (few of whom had I a clue who they were!). Few, if any, could be claimed as friends – they attended knowing that Britain had paid for a Grand Spectacle and Her Late Majesty had generously pandered to every wish of Meghan’s, as the wife of the clearly challenged, far from bright, self pitying but highly privileged and undeniably wealthy Harry. The guests seemingly attended as a Royal photo opportunity for self publicity!

It seems that when Meghan realised she was nothing more than the wife of a privileged and stunningly thick, rather wet twerp and of no great consequence to Britain, and a long way down the pecking order with a lifetime of duty and good behaviour ahead – it became time for her to run away and try to get some money and status in America out of the debacle.

They have proved they are not the brightest and that their scheming manipulation has failed and they had better make as much money as they can as they have failed to gain status anywhere and the money will run out as they have made fools of themselves and proved they are deceitful, manipulative, untrustworthy liars of Zero consequence.

I was glad to note they have done no harm to the Royal Family, beyond showing that as a family they have their spats and hierarchy like any family.

Let us hope we shortly hear the last of the gruesome twosome.

They clearly have seen the abject failure of their Evil, Self Serving, Self Pity!

Sadly I believe Charles and William are quite capable of destroying The Monarchy, without help with their ill informed lies about Anthropogenic Climate Change, endless pontificating and damaging political utterances. If you believe they will not destroy The Monarchy just listen rather more attentively to the embarrassing ineptitude of The King’s Christmas Broadcast and look at the muddled mess of The New Year’s Honours List!

Farewell to Harry & Meghan I hope you survive in America and we do not see you back in Britain with your self pity and your begging bowl. We have no shortage of ‘Spares’ now & you have no role to play!

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