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The ONLY thing I have actually learned from the 6 Netflix whines, the book and the endless leaks and analysis was that my belief that Meghan was an untrustworthy, manipulative, social climbing (based on financial rather than social status), charmless, liar of no consequence, was undeniably correct. …


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Greg Lance – Watkins


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I think I have as open a mind as anyone. So here’s what I heard and my impressions of those “facts”.

  1. Both Prince Harry and Prince William were circumcised as young boys. I don’t really know why we all need this information. Ditto with the fact that somehow Prince Harry got frostbite on his penis.
  2. Prince Harry doesn’t like Camilla, Queen Consort, and thinks his father should never have married her. Since King Charles III and Camilla have been married for almost 18 years now, I wonder why this is relevant. Everyone has seen with their own eyes how happy the couple are together.
  3. Prince Harry actually thinks his mother, Diana, is not really dead but is in hiding. Not just hiding from the media but is hiding from HIM. Small wonder the guy is so messed up! Imagine if your mother faked her own death to get away from you. Well, most of us would have accepted that our mother really died and then worked hard to move on. He admits he had therapy but it doesn’t seem to have done any good.
  4. Prince Harry is so obsessed with the media that he thinks the Royal Family is working in cahoots with the media to ruin his life. No mention of the times he and Meghan hire their own photographers to document their activities for the media.
  5. Prince Harry says that Prince William told him they should ignore each other when they were at Eton together. I know that when my brother and I were at the same school together we didn’t want to recognize each other either. Imagine having your little brother tagging around while you are hanging out with your classmates! This seems completely normal to me.
  6. Prince Harry was distraught to have missed being with his grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen, as she lay on her deathbed. Prince Harry and Meghan happened to be in Europe to open the Invictus Games at the time and had not scheduled any meetings with Her Majesty. The new Prime Minister of the UK managed to be with The Queen 2 days before she passed. But Prince Harry couldn’t .. what? Spare the time? Make the effort? Have the interest? He wasn’t on that plane up to Scotland. Neither was Catherine, then Duchess of Cambridge.
  7. Prince Harry and Prince William had a tussle after words were exchanged. Having two brothers myself, there is no way in the world either one of them would ever admit that the other “bested” him. Prince Harry is happy to tell the world that Prince William got him down on the floor, tore off his “necklace” and broke the dog bowl.
  8. Prince Harry has criticized his older brother’s looks. Now Prince William is older (age 40) than their mother was when she passed away (aged 36); Prince Harry is alarmed that William doesn’t look like her any more. And he’s lost some of his hair! How shallow can you get?
  9. Alarmingly, Prince Harry has announced that he personally killed a number of Taliban fighters. As if this is something to brag about. Soldiers who have really killed people rarely talk about it, even to those closest to them. He may have put himself and his whole family (including his two children) at risk of being the targets of a fatwa.

These simple examples present to me a middle aged man who has not progressed from the age of 12 when his mother tragically passed away. It seems Prince Harry has tried therapy, booze, drugs and sex to heal his pain. None of those things have worked. Now he’s trying to broadcast his pain to the world. I don’t think that is going to work either.

In response I stated:

Your 9 numbered paragraphs are merely statements of fact, utterly provable in a quick reference to the book you quote.
I’m afraid I started reading the book but it was so dull I rapidly lost interest and as for ‘Bomb Shell’, those who consider this book a ‘Bomb Shell’ must lead exceeding dull lives which makes me wonder what they would see as a ‘Damp Squib’. Like most of the world, who have been tortured with the tedium, exaggeration, self obsession and downright lies spewed forth by both Harry and Meghan I am left wondering what revelation of ANY consequence has been set forth by them. Just tortured self indulgence.

The ONLY thing I have actually learned from the 6 Netflix whines, the book and the endless leaks and analysis was that my belief that Meghan was an untrustworthy, manipulative, social climbing (based on financial rather than social status), charmless, liar of no consequence, was undeniably correct.

Unfortunately that which I believed before hand about Harry has been confirmed, being that he is as thick as a brick, both intellectually and socially, immature, self pitying, self obsessed, weak and a liar without judgement, loyalty or ethics. It is increasingly clear that there are many aspects of his behaviour and narcissistic self obsession that have the dubious qualities of a 3 year old and the balance seem not to have progressed much beyond the mental age and moral equivalence of a 10 year old – be minded that under British law we do not hold a 10 year old accountable for their actions!

The so called revelations of Meghan and Harry tell us a great deal about them, not one word of which serves to enhance one’s sympathy or respect, most of which is extremely damaging to them though their Medical inadequacies and immaturity should not be forgotten.

As for the other members of the Royal Family, their courtiers and staff, I can not identify a single thing which seems out of the ordinary, shameful or remotely damaging – beyond the all too well known realisation that there are those amongst them who have the natural frailties common to mankind and some who are somewhat challenged in terms of emotions, judgement and intelligence.

That Harry and Meghan have been able to point out the blindingly bleeding obvious, that some amongst our leadership and their household have feet of clay, merely establishes beyond doubt that they themselves are people without who we are all infinitely better off – How glad I am to see them leave the country – let us now hope they, like the odious Edward VIII vanish into the obscurity they have done so much to earn.

We have learned beyond doubt that in his naivety Harry has found himself in a relationship of coercive control led there by failure, due to arrested developement, and frostbite not withstanding thinking largely with his small head seemingly because his big head is immature and all too limited in content!

There does seem to be a surprising amount of familial mental health problems amongst Harry’s family and drug based difficulties in Meghan’s.

One aspect of Harry’s mental health would seem to be that he seems bi-polar with a degree of arrested developent and self obsessed self pity.

A chapter in life that is now hopelessly and haplessly closed for ever, one can but hope. Akin to the irrelevance of the Kardatians, Dallas and Eastenders!

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