Is it just me or is it a strange reflection on a Country when their National dress is old men in funny hats and pyjamas and layered aprons are the costume of the young women!

The Co-Op farms having pulled out of Milk Production one would think that the £2.5 Million dairy facility, moth balled, and the 30 Million litre deficit of milk would be a boon to small dairy farmers – well isn’t that how market economics works?

Well sadly Not!

Sadly I do not think it will make one jot. tikel or iota difference to the milk price – merely to the huge number of laden trucks trundling into Britain filled with foreign drivers, deisel purchased abroad and 40 tonne axle loadings.

Just to put you in the picture when you think of an 18 wheeler – that is 4 x 4 tyre axles @ 40 tonnes per axle.

Well just as a guide 80 tonnes of potatoes is about the volume of a generous 3.1/2 bedroom Council House (remember them!) – so an 18 wheeler is the equivallent of two whole Council Houses full of potatoes to the crest of the roof!

That is a lot of foreign profit on a lot of foreign deisle and a lot of foreign traffic on a lot of BRITISH roads – we pay for the roads they get the profit!

On the M4 anywhere from about Newbury West you will find cart ruts of neo Roman proportions from the 100s of 1,000s of tonnes of goods joining the Motorway from the South Coast entry points.

Similarly we find a rat run of T.I.R. tractor trailer units crossing Britain from the North Sea ports slaughtering local families 6 at a time!

Heading south to north I understand Peers of the realm can be found texting articles of glee to Pakistani papers (Frankly I don’t give a dhoti, an abaya or a khimar if I offended some small minded s*it stirrer by using either the right number of ns or not – we all know what a Paki is it is an abreviation just like Brit or Gerry and I never minded being called Johnny in Karachi!), nor my Grandfather on The North West Frontier on the road from Khabul in 1919!
Maybe our illustrious peer was peering at his text or not as he threatened Brits with 10,000 very alien incomers who fail to respect our customers, as a rioting mob. Whilst he of course killed a man due to lack of attention!

Back to those ruts – they are the cost of open borders, they are the cost of surrendering to 40 tonne axle loads, they are the cost of Continental Greed and destabilising simple economics!
The huge trucks roll west to the ports to leave for Ireland – oblivious of tachos. not caring for driving hours and all too many sharing a common name it seems – Prawo Jazdy was wanted for 100s of motoring crimes in Ireland until the local police discovered it was not the driver’s name but Polish for Driving License!

These ruts get ever deeper causing accidents, blow outs and shed rubber – we derive only the bill and not a cent of revenue as the shelves of Ireland are replenished on EU subsidies – meanwhile the tired drivers and empty trucks bounce dangerously eastward back, empty now as Ireland produces little and now able to speed, sometimes 3 a breast as they race back to the Continent for another load and a refil of foreign fuel.

We on the other hand are left with insufficient funds to maintain our highways – are we allowed to set our own solution BUT NO a mere murmer of this and our Continental foes put satellites in the sky at our expense to tax the Brits and the Pakis proud to live amongst us with ROAD TAXING!

I always said the Germans shouldn’t have sunk The Lusitania – it could still be hauling cargo to Ireland rather than our roads being hammered at no National gain.

I do wish Prawo Jazdy would go home!


Greg L-W.