This is an attempt to balance the new political control mechanism to prevent developement in developing Countries.

To tell the truth and stand up to the Warmist lies of the new religion is a dangerous stance as if you are a scientist you dare not tell the truth.

ALL GRANTS are Government controlled – No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition but if you dared to speak out against this evil you had all the bits that stuck out screwed off.

Now if you question the Politician’s new state religion find themselves without the grant money to sustain their research – whether medicine, fuel, road surface, power etc. etc.

Now look what a mess we are in – facing random power outs due to the failure of Government to build power stations, based on a self enriching scam of control that dishonestly pretends that Windmills stand an earthly YES Earthly possibility of providing power adequate to build and errect windmills let alone produce a surplus!

Carbon Footprint!! The concrete block required let alone the transport costs or the heat to make the cable for the windings and the land lines uses so much energy that a windmill is unlikely to break even for over 7 years – will it last that long?

The wind farm off the coast at Gorlston in East Anglia has failed to produce one spark of usable energy yet and the first set of generating motors have burnt out or worn out!

The motors have ALL had to be replaced..

Watch This if you wish to be better informed: