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Could this be the demise of The Greatest Sacred Cow in British history –
The NHS, as we slide inexorably to the end of civilisation? …


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins


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Dr Chris Day
Dr Chris Day• 3rd+Locum Emergency Medicine Doctor

2 days ago

I want to tell you about about Andrew Morris who has had a similar experience to me in the Employment Tribunal.

Substitute ICU doctor and ICU covering 2 London boroughs with anti-money laundering expert in an international bank. If you do that, then the way my case and his were handled by the Employment Tribunal are remarkably similar. This in respect of the employment tribunal’s approach to evidence (putting it mildly).

Over 3,000 people have read my Grounds of Appeal and 5,000 have read the blog about the recent employment tribunal Judgment in my whistleblowing case.

Following me publishing my Notice of Appeal, 10-20 fairly senior people have reached out to me including some Judges. The facts of my situation appear to have struck a chord. I fear what has happened in my whistleblowing case happens more widely in the world of employment law and employment tribunals. This cannot be good for the public but I am grateful for all the people that have reached out to me with their experiences particularly the lawyers/Judges. You can count on me keeping things confidential.

As an ICU doctor, I was attempting to keep critically ill people in 2 London boroughs safe and Andrew Morris was attempting to stop criminals and terrorists laundering money through the UK.

It is clear from both our cases which side the employment tribunal was on.

Whether this is weakness, corruption, incompetence or whatever other explanation is to be served up, it cannot be allowed to continue. The Post Office scandal is yet another indicator of where all this stuff leads if it goes unchecked.

Both me and Andrew are off to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the new year.

Andrew’s battle belongs to all of us and he has been good and brave enough to fight it.

I could also say all of the above (and have) for the whistleblower Alison McDermott where the issues in her whistleblowing case are quite literally nuclear. She is also off to the EAT in the new year (17/18 January). Find out more about Alison on the below below link;

I support Allison and she supports me but this post is about Andrew Morris and to ask you or, if I may be so bold, to tell you to find out about his case on the below link and support him.

One thing is for sure, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has some significant decisions to make in the new year on some whistleblowing cases. These cases provide a critical test for the world of employment law and will indicate whether its competence and integrity can be trusted with important public interest whistleblowing cases.

Blowing the whistle on financial crime • 6 min read

To View the Original Article CLICK HERE

For further insight into the waste, corruption, bullying & abuse that is not only widespread but endemic in OUR NHS – search out the ongoing work of
Dr. Lisa Peregrine
Do No Harm Wales
& the many links both on this website AND: &



I have, during the last 20 years or more, published literally 100s of articles – many of which have been very contentious, others have exposed a litany of corruption, waste and crime in the NHS, Police, Politics etc. My actions have led to encarceration and summary dismissal of Politicians, Paedophiles, abusers and criminals – I have NEVER once been asked by a responsible individual to make a correction or removal, apology or right of reply based upon a single consequential error of fact, nor been cautioned for lies, errors, libel or slander.

I have been investigated by the Police for information I published once based on a pack of lies by the UKIP MEP and sometime leader Gerard Batten, who had openly declared his intention to bankrupt me to prevent me publishing facts about UKIP and corruption therein.

Tom Wise MEP invested, I was informed, £10,000 with his Solicitor,  of public money to find a way to silence & bankrupt me – his result proved unfortunate as he was sentenced to prison for the information and evidence of his criminal corruption, I provided!

I was also investigated by the police having been published on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph in defense of the £ versus joining the EUro and quoting facts supplied by the BBC regarding Anna Lindt – The BBC had deliberately lied in their reporting, failing to publish the fact that she had been murdered in order to corrupt the vote on the EUro in Sweden to assist the corrupt EU who heavily funded the BBC with public money to provide propaganda and pro EU lies!

I was also duped by the lies of Hollie Greig’s mother and a paid supporter of hers who set out to gain compensation from various public figures for the sexual assault of Hollie – I exposed and publicised their lies leading to Court action against Hollie’s Mother, Brian Gerish and others and the imprisoning’s of Robert Green!

I have NEVER been challenged and found to be in the wrong and have exposed numerous crimes and criminals in public office.

You can republish ANY facts I have published with a 100% record of impunity and I will stand by every word I have published – so PLEASE help publicise the corruption within the NHS and the self serving corruption of many in positions of authority within the NHS and its vile political structure.

Sadly it seems very unlikely that the NHS can be repaired and there is every likelihood that having been corrupted for political and financial gain this particular sacred cow is just another victim of our Politically broken Britain where demise is being accelerated by the WOKE and marxist self interest groups and the greatest fraud in Human History the utterly unscientific lies regarding CO2, Net Zero and the myths of Anthropogenic Climate Change – that are all too likely to propel mankind and civilisation back to the stoneage based on lies.

Do not for a second believe it could not happen, as the last time it happened brought about the end of the Bronze Age in 1777BCE and the demise of Babylon, Assyria, Gobekli Tepe, Egypt, The Hitites, The Myceneans and many more! It is increasingly likely that we are hurtling towards our own demise propelled by the corruption of a handful of utterly amoral Billionaires, The World Economic Forum, The WHO, The UN, The Davos Group – Net Zero and organisations like Extinction Rebellion, BLM, Weather Underground, Stop Oil and their ilk all massively funded by a dark network of Oil Barons & corporate giants stradling world borders with personal wealth that outstrips the GDP of many countries.

Don’t sleepwalk into nemesis join me and help to expose the international cross party corruption that is threatening the very existence of mankind.

PLEASE WAKE UP and try to help bring an end to the escalating nightmare that is otherwise our inevitable future. The Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Libya, UAR, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Burma/Myanmar, North Korea, Lebanon, and shortly we can expect Taiwan to join the turmoil dragging in the well prepared and heavily armed South Korea and Japan and poverty stricken and volcano raddled Philippines, Celebes and Indonesia – they are not the only countries being steadily reduced to rubble – It could be your country next


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