“Islam may have bad stuff. But …” – What of the other Bronze Age Invented Gods?

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I would contend that we are no more threatened by Muslims than were the holders of Jerusalem threatened by Christians during the crusades.

The Crusades were led by those seeking to find the relics and bloodline of Christ, which once found led to the handing back of Jerusalem to The Saladin & his army and a safepassage back to Europe for the Crusaders, who formed or were formed by such guardians of the ancients gods mankind invented as The Cathars, The Knights Templar, The Knights of St. John, The Freemasons, The Knights of Malta and various sects of other organisations and so called religions.

The Crusaders were not devout Christians they were almost all mercenary adventurers, there are no records, whilst they sought victory of being led by their mystics and priests. Their quest was for relics of a bronze age superstition for which 2000 years after the stories were first spun still have as little provenance as gods as do Islam, Horus, Zoroastruism or the like.

Further the main branches of the various Christian sects do not even believe in the Holy Grail, The Arc or the progeny of Christ and his relationship with Mary Magdallen.

We in the west, few of whom have any real belief in gods and even less practice any serious christian belief are no more threatened by Muslims than were those burnt at the stake or tortured for heresy nor in the factional christian armies that haver fought through history!

Just as the terrorists in Ireland were merely the scum of Ireland sheltering behind a pretence of a given sect of what claimed to be a christian religion, as they went about their criminal protection rackets and cowardly murders and their anti social behaviour rewarded with cash and supported by greed.

What was Christian about the Catholic sect which failed at all levels from the Papacy, Cardinals, Bishops and priests to condemn the murderrous thugs in the IRA as they went about their bullying and extortion their murders and intimidation?

Muslims are not responsible for the terrorist behaviour of IS Islamic Scum and the failures of their bronze age superstition are no more denounced by fearfull Mullahs and their followers than were the priests and prelates of the catholic sects relative to the IRA.

Do not forget the sociopaths, psychopaths criminals cowards and failures of the Islamic Scum with their Wahabe support have killed 1,000s of Muslims of other sects for every one western non Muslim – little wonder the beffuddled mass of followers of the arcan bronze age god Mohammed and his cronies invented are fearfull of speaking out for fear of harm to their vulnerable family members!

The muderous Islamic Scum in Paris acted in the name of Islam as they carried out their bid for a moment of notoriety in their failed lives as bar tenders, drug takers and womanising criminals living in the underbelly of society. Who remembers the names of any of the Islamic Scum who were involved in 9/11 in Ameica, 7/7 in London or any of the cowardly criminal acts carried out in Bali, Australia, France etc. etc. – they are the failed with no future and a forgotten past that shelter behind the cloak of Islam as they bring shame to Muslims, the very superstition itself and their families – just as do the muderous trash perporting to act in the name of other bronze age gods invented to suit their age yet who linger on long past logic as they gather wealth and splenour for their various leaders!

Clearly it can be argued that there has been no greater source of evil on this planet than mankinds ambition to invent gods and forcve them on others!

May I commend you watch ‘Zeitgeist’ which can be found on the internet CLICK HERE and shows just howmany of these various gods have been invented, their similarity as sec ts form and split and the symbolism that has followed down from the earliest of the inventions!

By all means believe whatever floats your boat but it can only be evil iof it is sinking someone elses!

To understand the wave upon wave of migrants reaching Europe an the EU may I suggest you go back in time and watch The March which was a film based upon a 1972 book CLICK HERE

Regards and may the Force Be With You

Or should that be



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