Cameron’s con & Political dishonesty over Britain‘s debt!

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.


clearly David Cameron either does not know how the EU works or he is copying Tony Blair and telling lies to Parliament, the press and the people!

Of course he is not the only one being irresponsible watch Labour, the Unions and gullible members of the public bused in as protestors in the rent a mob at the Tory conference!

Britain is 900% in debt and even with more massive cuts there is little or no way we can avoid economic collapse.

Our pension structure was set up in 1909 for people over 70 when people lived on average to 48 – the amount paid has risen regularly and now that on average we live to 80 there is absolutely no way we can afford our pension bill without regular and massi9ve Government borrowing.

Our NHS was set up based on CLICK HERE  but serious damage in their implication by Aneurin Bevan’s politicising of the plan which has led to it being both a political football and something of a lifestyle service NOT a basic health service funded from taxation and free at the point of need.

Our Civil Service when Britain had an Empire and ruled around 25% of this planet was some 4,000 people NOW we have almost 1/2 a Million Civil Servants and can no longer afford their salaries.


To pay the bills our Government, who are too irresponsible to bring in the needed cuts borrow more than our income each year, the only saving grace being interest rates at 2% so they can borrow that too! Government income is ONLY taxation and so to hide shortfalls relative to expenditure they sell off assets and borrow ever more.

The situation is unsustainable and the outcome is inevitable Britain is bankrupt and it is a matter of when not if we have a total financial collapse and YOUR savings, invest6ments and money become worthless!

Our ONLY outside hope would be to rapidly negotiate, under article #50, to Leave-The-EU and TRY to control expenditure, cut pensions, raise the age of retirement, reduce wages, slash the Civil Service and public sector remove ALL lifestyle treatments from the NHS and concentrate of Health ONLY.

We must control our borders to ensure we do not attract economic migrants and that we do NOT increase our population as we can not afford new hospitals, schools and more houses – particularly any new builds as they are ALL only possible with borrowed money that does not exist.

We can neither afford nor need vanity projects like HS2 – If you need to cut journey times to arrive sooner the cheapest solution is start out earlier!

None of us like the truth but we MUST face it consider more details and spread the word or watch the collapse and watch our economy collapse, civil unrest reach unsustainable levels as people fight for food.

Don’t pretend it can’t happen hear because it can and it will we are as much in debt as The Weimar Republic more so than America in the depression, where ordinary people died of starvation, and on a par with the collapse in the Argentine – We are on the verge of collapse and famine and there isn’t a country in the world that would be in a position to bail us out – The EU is NOT as much in debt as Britain yet it is still syphoning off £53,000,000 a day from the British tax payers money we do not have!

Our politicians are borrowing £Billions to pay our bills and hide the truth from the electorate!

Don’t forget it was Jim Callaghan when Britain suffered the humiliation of the buffoon Denis Healy had to read out regular budget statement written and imposed by the IMF – even Callaghan stated ‘We have learned that it is not possible to spend ones way out of recession’ see CLICK HERE

For more details have the courage to watch the full video and spread the truth:



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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