ESM – Evil Scam ~ Monetary! Courtesy of The EU


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.



as mailed to around 1,000 people.


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Do YOU really know to what extent your self serving, self enriching political elite have betrayed you your children and future generations of British citizens of all colours creeds and beliefs?

Watch this short but fgactually informative video on You Tube:


IF you are as disgusted as I am please just pass this ‘e’Mail on to everyone in your address book and hope that there will be enough patriots there to keep the message circulation growing until it boils over and enough people rise up to block the evil scam that is being imposed on us to destroy our freedom and our national sovereignty.

IF you have a web site or blog here is the code to embed the video to run directly from your site:

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You, like me, may see the UN as little more than 10 nations and 175 tribes set up to self enrich its staff and supporters, but the EU is clearly even more blatant.

Let us not forget the UN statement that ‘Self Determination is a fundamental human right’.

IF you find yourself able morally and ethically to support this incredible scam being perpetrated against us by The EU and aided by our own political elite and OUR self serving civil servants, if you provide your proper name, your job and your UK land line for MY verification, I will circulate your brief argument in favour of this centralised and undemocratic denial of liberty and self determination to the very same mailing list I have initially circulated this to.

Unlike certain political parties I believe freedom of speech is valuable, democracy though imperfect is the best form of governance and should be both localised and improved through initiatives like The Harrogate Agenda and that the centralised undemocratic style of The EU is nothing more than an evil attempt to introduce absolute control over people by a self serving minority and an ever growing army of bribed officials and civil servants ( civil and serving only in name!).

Some political parties have sunk to the level of telling lies about individuals who debate with them or challenge their corruption and ambitions often using individuals of low repute or by using anonimised muck rakers! The standards of political debate have sunk to the gutter largely due to the disproportionate remards and bribes available from taxation be they severance payments of councillors and NHS managers or the huge sums paid to bankers, consultants and lobbyists.


To perpetuate the scam the political elite have politicised the judiciary and emasculated the media through the evil;s of such whitewashes as those that have covered up for the police and show trial enquiries like that of the Levison Enquiry which has so fundamentally harmed our society and the media’s ability to expose corruption and abuse of office.





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as mailed to around 1,000 people.

You will find a full copy of The ESM Treaty CLICK HERE and you can judge for uyourself just how evil the concept is and how threatening to liberty, national sovereignty and the future it is.
It gives an insight into the rtrue aims of the driving forces behind The EU and shows how accurate the video provided is.
Judge for yourself.

Read the EU’s own sales pitch for this evil scam CLICK HERE


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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