Can  THE State run anything? Consider BBC & NHS!



as soon as you set up a State Broadcaster you have a medium for State indoctrination and State propaganda, or worse still, like The BBC, it will be slowly & relentlessly taken control of bty self serving interests – most usually communist in bac kground, as with the left wing socialist clap trap of The BBC.

The same has happened with The Frankfurt School, IPPC, most Unions, The Fabian Society and many other social engineering propagandist scams.

A once wonderful concept with a public service broadcaster has, like The NHS, been subourned & corrupted to suit politically correct lifestyle choices at the cost of freedom & trustworthy information in the case of The BBC and health in the case of The NHS!

The damage done to our planet by communism be that hard with a capital C or soft when using the capital S of Socialism is nothing more than evil – An evil which can also be found in mankinds’ determination to invent gods and cults and then try to force them on others as a method of control and all too often greed ans personal enrichment.

Note the lavish life styles and overblown importance & incomes, perks and fiddles of those exploiting all such organisations aided by a weak, amoral and self serving  self styled political elite!

However there is every reason to believe that just like climate such trends are cyclical!

The planet has put itself through some 29 ice ages and the huge upheavals of plate techtonics with storm flood, freeze and erruptions on an ongoing basis for Millions of years and recently over some 10,000 years mankind has been fool enough to engineer his own evils with gods & tyrants, propaganda & politicians!

We do indeed learn from history but sadly the lesson we learn is that we do not learn from history!!


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