Farage’s UKIP Puts Its Foot In It AGAIN

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Farage’s UKIP Puts Its Foot In It AGAIN!

This time with the Arab media having only last Sunday offered support to those who were charged for their criminality in handling Muslim prisoners in Afghanistan – have UKIP leadership no principles, values or common sense!!

sorry – this is somewhat delayed as I tend not to pay as much attention to UKIP, and am only just catching up on my ‘Google Alerts’, as I did in the days when they might have some relevance in British domestic politics – nowadays as results at domestic ballot boxes show they are all but an irrelevance, still bumping along with 2>8% as their average vote regardless of the inaccuracy of the so called pollsters!
I read the article below with the same thoughts as the pack of lies published in Farage’s name in The Sun last Sunday.
Lets face it, one of the many aspects of leadership Farage has been shown to be utterly incompetent at is man management and selecting staff – yet again some stumble bum on his staff has let him down!If he is sleeping with the member of staff or has some hope of, whether drunk or sober, it is likely that the blame will be passed to someone else to protect Farage’s main interests – however if not then we can expect a foolsome (I spell the world correctly) denial of the source but it is unlikely anyone would be fired by Farage as another of his leadership inabilities is doing his own job and he would need someone else to fire the person for him.Farage has NEVER it seems, had any rational ability to select reliable and competent staff or people in general – one need only look at the incredibly low calliber of those gathered around him over the years!

Anyway having had a laugh at the idiotic article in The Sun you may like to read this schoolboy standard article submitted to FARS News Agency, no doubt in response to a questionaire sent by them to his office and replied to by someone acting way beyond their paygrade or ability (minded that UKIP overpays hugely for the calliber of staff it has!)


EU Parliamentarian: UK Victimizing Iran for Sake of EU, US

TEHRAN (FNA)- Nigel Farage, a renowned British politician and the leader of the UK Independence Party, believes that the UK government is taking side with the European Union (EU) countries and the US in its diplomatic relations with Iran and intends to victimize Iran for the interests of its allies.

“It seems to me that the UK is collaborating with the USA and the EU to victimize Iran for exercising her rights as a sovereign nation and for daring to pursue policies, which do not accord with collaborators’ plans for supra-national world-domination,” Farage told Fars News Agency in an exclusive interview on Monday.

The full text of the interview with UK parliamentarian Nigel Farage follows:

Q: How do you evaluate cooperation between Iran and UK?

A: It seems to me that the UK is collaborating with the USA and the EU to victimize Iran for exercising her rights as a sovereign nation and for daring to pursue policies, which do not accord with collaborators’ plans for supra-national world-domination.

Q: Do you agree that Europe needs a redefinition of its political – economic system?

A: I do. Politically, the EU (which is NOT “Europe”, I hasten to add) has become a totalitarian state and its economy is deteriorating rapidly. This is because democracy is only possible in a nation-state, which has a common language, and because the EU’s regulatory burden, cultural homogenization, absurd single currency, unaccountability, coercion and centralization of power are at variance both with the wishes of the citizenry and with reality.

Q: If you were Prime minister, instead of David Cameron, what would you do to solve the UK financial problems?

A: Reject EU-control, at once, stop mass-immigration, re-shape education, restore industry and employment and trade freely with the world. None of these things can be done while EU-collaborationist parties retain control of government in Britain.

Q: We have seen that some radical figures have asked for military option against Iran in terms of its nuclear program issue. What is your take on this? Do you think this option can help or it can worsen the situation?

A: I think it is an utterly inexcusable and scurrilous threat to make and should be totally unthinkable for any civilized nation. It cannot but degrade international relations towards the level of a brawl.

Q: By the way, we want to explore you idea on Iran and Britain’s relations during the last century. What ups and downs has it seen? and do you think that the relations will be re established? if so when?

A: The deterioration of relations between Britain and Iran occurred very suddenly, fifty years ago, when the western collaborators decided that Iran posed a political and economic threat to their political and economic ambitions in the Middle East. In my view, that remains their chief concern – whatever they may say about nuclear weapons, which are rather their latest convenient excuse – and this is why they have provoked the Iran-Iraq war and are hoping to destabilize Iran. These serial destabilizations are an end in themselves. Each one of them has criminally retarded Iran’s political and economic development, which was precisely the point of instigating them. On the other hand, an independent Britain – free of her present supranational entanglements – would be able to conduct transparent and cordial, fair and mutually profitable, diplomatic and trading relations with Iran, as one democratic nation to another. This could occur in a very few years from now.

Q: Are you confirming actions of Shell Company regarding not-following world boycotts against Iran? Why?

A: I think these boycotts are morally indefensible, counter-productive and sinister – as I have said – and I applaud anyone else who says so.

Q: What is your opinion on independence of Scotland from the Great Britain?

A: Scotland was united with England and Ireland in 1707 and is entirely integrated within the UK. Most of the Scottish people are, in reality, English – they and their ancestors (including their much celebrated poet, Robert Burns) never spoke Scottish – and the present impetus towards secession from the UK is the result of a plot, by supra-nationalists and foreign powers (represented, among others, by a certain Canon Kenyon-Wright) to emasculate the UK and to disperse her, in the EU, as a clutch of impotent EU-provinces.

Q: How do you evaluate Iran’s position and its importance in the Middle-East?

A: Iran has a remarkably strategic position, between the Middle East and India. She has an Indo-European language, great mineral wealth and enormous potential for education and economic development.

Q: BBC, often, is trying to show as a neutral medium, but some experts and audience believe that this network has some sensible political considerations in its news coverage. why is that? Is the reason dependency of the corporation on the British Government?

A: Yes – and on the supra-nationalist collaborators, who control the British government, with the result that the BBC is in flagrant breach of its founding Charter and is subtly, but shamelessly, acting as a conduit for supra-nationalist propaganda.

Q: What is your opinion on austerity plans in Europe?

A: On the one hand, they are a desperate and ruthless attempt to prop up a failing economic bloc. On the other hand, they are a cynical exploitation, of that failure, designed to divest the EU’s subject states of all their remaining self-determination and democracy.

Nigel Farage is a British politician and is the Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), a position he also held from September 2006 to November 2009.

Farage is a founding member of the UKIP, having left the Conservative Party in 1992 after they signed the Maastricht Treaty.

To read the article published as:

News number: 9107114274

15:33 | 2012-10-22

in its original context CLICK HERE

Those sufficiently interested will no doubt derive further amusement in the crass ineptitude of the disclaimer published by UKIP’s inept and particularly low grade press staff when it comes.One can expect something as risible and amateur as the attempt to cover up Godfrey Bloom’s frequent stupidities!This particular ‘incident’ is almost as asinine as the anti Islamic pamphlet published by Gerard Batten which, with Eid al-Ahda festival upon us, is apparently under consideration by the Mullahs in Mecca, one can but hope they don’t takes Gerard Batten’s offensive action and his squalid apparent attempt to incite racial hatred in UKIP’s name as serious and react as they did to the crass and childish video produced in America recently.

Little wonder that UKIP is becoming ever more irrelevant with its racist associates and aggressive attitudes based on the various religious fantasies and superstitions of its own extremists.

Its tokenism in promoting serial buffoons, as with Winston McKenzie, certain in the knowledge that they can never embarrass UKIP by being elected yet can provide the beard behind which to hide their overt racism.

Also note its dishonesty AND crass ineptitude relative to a referendum for which they have made absolutely zero preparation having seemingly never understood the issues, never havid presented or laid out a sound ‘Exit & Survival Strategy’ (only an idiot would claim any hope of success by merely repealing The ECA & leaving The EU, a recipe for catastrophe often put forward by UKIP’s clique and its idiotic claque.) nor participated in any campaign in any meaningful manner, much beyond seek to denigrate the only one that has had ANY achievement to date – namely the ‘We Demand A Referendum’ campaign, fronted by Katie Hopkins, Nikki Sinclaire and their team.

It is almost as if it is a deliberate act of Nigel Farage and his clique to deliberately sabotage the entire EUroSceptic movement and their efforts relative to any referendum beggar belief in their stupidity as they make it so much easier for The EU to win aided by such plastic EUroSceptics, spoilers and Judas Goats as Dan Hannan, Roger Helmer, George EUstace and seemingly the entire UKIP leadership clique and its claque.

UKIP seems intent on serial idiocy with its outrageous and incompetent Press Release regarding The Marines recently charged, Bill Etheridge’s crass comments on FaceBook, Godfrey Bloom’s serial chavvery, Mick McGough’s endless dishonesty and corruption and now we hear they have made a complete pigs orphan of the NEC elections which has laid them open to the risk of High Court actions against them YET AGAIN and the only sensible action available to them of a complete re-run of the election.

Let us not forget it is UKIP which puts itself forward as being some sort of political entity of sufficient competence to be elected – hardly surprising that out of the 19,500 seats available by election UKIP has been elected to less than 30 of ANY meaning!




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