Considering An IN/OUT Referendum & The EU.


the posting below is one I placed earlier on a Conservative Forum, you may find it of interest:

A Royal Commission to report 3 months before The General Election based on Cost Benefits of continued membership of The EU and provision of a fully documented Exit & Survival Strategy becomes essential for a free, fair and informed IN/OUT Referendum with no cunning codicils, no intervention from The EU or its staff (probably includes the entire Civil Service nowadays!) and equal funding and media time for both sides.

Then, unlike the utterly rigged devolution scam in Wales, open counting of the vote!

If Scotland is considered acceptable to hold a Referendum –
it is after all OUR Country and our elected servants should remember their place and their oft claimed mantra:
‘They Work For You’
which at the moment looks somewhat shaky.

To date no one has EVER shown a benefit of consequence for Britain or our peoples in membership of The EU, that is not hugely outweighed by:

the loss of liberty,

the negation of democracy,

the centralisation of control,

the overpaying of the useless who gain access to the pot of OUR money IF they support the scam,

the justification of the £Billions spent on propaganda to tell us how good The EU is etc. etc.

Let us not forget also the downside risks and the obscene and unaccounted £50Million a day membership tax.

I appreciate that those feeding at the troughs, inside the bubble, do incredibly well for themselves, and thus have great motivation to try to block and if need be rig a referendum.

There is absolutely zero intelligent reason for continuing to prop up The EU, an experiment which on almost every count has failed to deliver, and particularly for these United Kingdoms.

Do not forget that Europe WAS:

38% of world GDP,

by 2010 The EU’s share had fallen to 24%

& by 2020 it is expected to be 15% or less!

The EU scam has failed!

Why shackle ourselves to a corpse?

We Want A Referendum

Let The People Decide

– Leave-The-EU!



Thomas Hauschildt 1p · 53 minutes ago

good, then leave. Do you think anyone in the EU cares, do you think you can blackmail the EU? Look what happened a few months ago; The UK was simply ignored and the EU moved on. The UK is searching for a new identity. The Empire gone, the “special relationship” with the US is only special for the UK, not the US. Germany and France are the major players in Europe, the UK could join them, but doesn’t want to. The UK will be (or is already) a third rate power, behind France and Germany. The French redefined their role, the UK hasn’t. In less than twenty years many economies will have overtaken the UK, the UK will be just another country, great times are over. You wanna leave, then leave. It will damage the UK more than the EU>

1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago


don’t be so timorous and aggressive.

The aim is NOT to damage The EU – merely to Leave-The-EU which has failed, irrefutably, to deliver any consequential benefit for these United Kingdoms at a cost, currently, of £50Million a day in hard cash and massive damage by over regulation, excessive controls and starving us of access to our natural global markets where our trade has grown in the last few years as our trade with EU countries has become ever more negative.

Of course The EU won’t cut us off – they are bound by The WTO agreements.

Also do be minded that our trade with the EU is a nett profit to them and a nett loss to us!

It can clearly be argued that we will be Better-Off-OUT even were that to mean we ceased trading with the EU entirely, which clearly would not happen.

It is time to implement Article 50, institute a Royal Commission, foreswear the signing of ANY new agreements until AFTER the Royal Commission reports with a full cost benefit analysis and clear Exit & Survival Strategy and a free, fair, informed and balanced Referendum on IN/OUT.


This is a situation where the Government can take the lead and the 220,000 signatures obtained by the independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire & her team, backed by various polls has shown the people want a referendum in a spirit of integrity and fair play.

That the Franco German Allience under ‘The Treaty of Elysee’ makes a mockery of the entire EU concept is worthy of note as TH has reminded us they have seized the power and control The EU.

It is something of a relief that Germany did Cameron’s job for him and blocked The BAE merger with EADS or yet another British mega corp would have been crushed into the Fraco German portfolio similarly the collapse of the RBS sell out to Santander has retained that business.

Now Leave-The-EU and lets start repatriating and reconstructing our democracy, justice, civil service, police, military, economy, businesses etc. etc. in a spirit of self control and in line with the fundamental human right of self determination ‘Let The People Decide’.

Shock horror we could consider revivvifying The Anglosphere and we could draw up our own international treaties and contracts – even with individual vassal states of The EU!


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