Rain, Rain, Rain NOT Unusual but Infrequent!

Severe flood warning in South West as heavy rain falls

The BBC’s Andrew Plant reports from deluged Devon

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A severe flood warning has been issued for part of south-west England, as river levels rise after heavy rain.
The Environment Agency said lives were in danger in areas near the River Axe, in Devon.
In Northumberland, a man in his 20s died when his car came off a road during torrential rain.
Some 48 flood warnings and 133 flood alerts remain in England and Wales, while nine flood warnings and seven flood alerts are in force in Scotland.
The Environment Agency’s severe flood warning means there is a danger to life, while a flood warning means immediate action is required. A flood alert means people should be prepared for possible flooding.
People in low lying properties and roads around Stoney Bridge and Castle Hill in Axminster have been urged to stay in a safe place, listen to the emergency services ………

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However let us not get excited nor duped by rascals trying to con us into paying additional taxes or subsidising their business scams with the dishonest idiocy related to ‘Warmist Theories’ – that climate changes both cyclically and randomly (it seems to us) on this planet is an irrefutable fact.

There is nothing new about torential rain during some summers which would seem to be a result of a shift in the jet stream which may well be due to buffetting of the planet due to solar winds brought about by solar activity in the form of the cyclical solar spots and the less predictable cycle of sun flares and emissions.

Just look what happened in June 1955:

Mirror 892-rula.jpg

As the Daily Mirror clearly displayed on its front page for a mere 2.1/2d. or the equivalent of a tiny fraction over 1p.

On a more localised basis consider the Boscastle floods of 16-Aug-2004 as an example of summer flooding.

The Met. Office provides extensive detail of flooding on the East Coast of England as in Further severe floods struck the region in 1570, 1825, 1894, 1916 and 1953.

It is also worth remembering in this Jubilee Year the prolonged periods of rain in the summer of 1953.

There is no doubt that climate changes – always has and always will!

To try to pin a guilt trip on mankind for these changes would seem to be to be dishonest in the extreme and the likes of Al Gore and Paschauri with what can only be seen as a money making scam and the apparent nonsense from those exployting the ‘Green Issues’ of climate as with Porrit and Monbiot and their ilk can only be treated with the contempt they deserve – particularly when one consideres their income from selling the ‘theories and scams’.

What is of particular note is the faux wealth of our society that we are able to deploy huge resources to deal with the floods that are a matter of norm – if thankfully infrequent. Yet as The Daily Mirror shows we were woefully unprepared for such events in 1955 with its picture of a Policeman in his normal uniform seeking to deal with the problem at street level – nowadays a policeman can barely stand up for all the kit he carries as he waddles down the road deep in conversation with his partner of the day and for such as the flooding shown today we have not just the kit needed but armies of parasites offering councilling and half the police force off work claiming stress – well 1/3rd of the police budget is squandered on Police pensions for starters – due to their secure employ and early retirement!

Is the problem actually the flooding, which is a norm or the need to fund the executive salaries of some 50 TV channels endlessly discussing the mundane and repetitive flooding we from time to time experience in Britain?

Those peddling the Man Made Global Warming Myths clearly and deliberately overlook the 29 identifiable Ice Ages we have established in our planet’s history all followed by periods of ‘Global Warming’ and all pre-dating man, industrialised or otherwise!
“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Greg L-W.

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