Consider the Compensation paid to Hollie Greig

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the criminal injuries board guidelines are very clear and in my opinion far too lax.

The guidelines are a matter of public record.

That a payment was made in the instance of Hollie Greig was in my opinion misguided and irresponsible as it provided a crumb of confusion on which the charlatans exploiting her, for their own seemingly perverse reasons, like Robert Green, Stuart Usher, George McKendrick, Belinda McKenzie, Ian McFerran, Matt Quinn, David Icke, Brian Gerrish and others from the underbelly of life have duped others and built an entire banquet.

That unsubstantiated and inadmissible claims were made on Hollie Greig’s behalf and every Police inquiry, and there were several, failed to substantiate one scintilla of the presented ‘STORIES’ we note compensation was still paid.

This would seem to be just within the guidelines but smacks of officialdom taking the easy option and seeking humanely not to expose the deeply damaged Anne Greig and her easily manipulated daughter as self serving.

The amount, in terms of the time that could be wasted in disproving the unsustainable, uncorroborated and implausible accusations was nominal!

Yes a Compensation Cheque was paid and it seems there was a clear understanding that this would lead to Anne Greig removing herself and her utterly dependent daughter from the seat of their claimed woes.

It worked for a while!

Sadly revenge and self serving importance festered on until Anne had managed to dupe Robert Green & Stuart Usher and others – and to my embarrassment I was subsequently amongst the duped but as soon as I realised I spoke out, apologised and have done all I reasonably can to put the record straight.

I am happy to converse on the matter and explain the reasons for my certainty and relief that Hollie Greig was NOT sexually abused as claimed and that Robert (Roy) Greig took his own life whilst suspended from his job, under police investigation of criminality and having consumed considerable alcohol over a prolonged period at the time.

My phone number and eMail address are readily available but due to the number of outright criminal idiots involved in the Hollie Greig Cult my calls are frequently screened and normally recorded.


You may find it of help in understanding the ‘scam’ surrounding Hollie Greig if you enter her nam or the names of Matt Quinn, Anne Greig, Robert Green etc. in the >SEARCH< facility at the top of the >RIGHT SIDEBAR< on this blog.

17 Jun 2012
Major’s story is typical of the many people falsely accused of being part of the Hollie Greig conspiracy. The thing she finds most galling is that despite being distantly related to Hollie, she only knew the girl for a short time.
17 Jun 2012
Were there ANY valid, sustainable, admissible and corroborated evidence that there was ANY sexual abuse of Hollie Greig I would be leading the battle for exposure & retribution as I was until I realised that IO had been lied
17 Feb 2012
In this story to date the ONLY actual EVIDENCE of abuse that has come to light has been the very clear evidence that Hollie Greig, a very very vulnerable member of our society, has been most venally and distatefully publicly
16 Feb 2010
Since 30-Apr-2010 when the official Hollie Greig blog as shown refused to publish any more of the ‘STORIES’ of Anne Greig’s regarding her daughter and her brother’s sad suicide and Robert Green was increasingly shown
11 Mar 2011
As to the ‘STORIES’ surrounding Hollie Greig the facts show there is absolutely no valid admissible evidence to show she was EVER sexually abused and as with The McCann case it is seemingly promoted on FaceBook with
23 Aug 2010
The Duke of Edinburgh was much too busy tottering off to bonk the latest bimbett, be given oral sex by Tony Blair, get sodomised by Gordon Brown, whip up to Aberdeen to personally supervise the gang rape of Hollie Greig


For comic relief and to understand how fantasies get out of hand consider the ego of the self important and duplicitous gutter trash attracted to promote the ‘STORIES’ with the like of Belinda McKinons blog or the repetitive, fanciful and attrociously boring self preening of the rather sad figure of Matt Quiinn who in fact, despite his unctuous and odious behaviour and serial dishonesty does to some extent deserve our pity for it seems he genuinely believes his own over written, over worked fantasies and dramatic green ink style of schoolboy journalism carried out at times when his illness does not preclude thought let alone plausible thought – The cult is very much of these two individual’s malign creation.
Very little of their incredible claims is accurate or true being in the main fancifully built on the few snippets they have gathered on the internet.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Greg L-W.

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