#G0646* – Justice Seen To Be Done – Robert Green Sentenced.


it was good to see not only Justice done but Justice seen to be done with the sentencing of Robert Green to 1 year in prison for his criminality.
Robert Green’s sentence was appropriate for his crime as he set out to vilify and abuse people without a single shred of legally admissible evidence merely the ‘claims’ and ‘stories’ of a clearly disturbed woman on behalf of her daughter – claims she was unable to substantiate or corroborate in any way, claims without witness and with very little logic.
There isn’t even any clearly presented medical evidence that her ‘extremely’ handicapped daughter was ever abused by anyone beyond the most febrile of claims and links.
The claims have been looked at and investigated several times by the Scottish authorities and on every occasion they have been unable to find a shred of evidence on which to move forward or even move.
Yet Robert Green promoted this ‘story’ with personal certainty but absolutely zero admissible evidence – he promoted his fantasies as facts and made links and pronouncements that were unarguably implausible or at very least a huge stretch of the imagination.
He invented and paraded murders for which there was no sustainable evidence and ducked and dived to avoid confrontation with the truth.
That Robert Green with his chum Stuart Usher, without a shred of evidence of any legal value, at a specially convened & advertised public meeting in Edinburgh , denounced 18 disassociated individuals many against whom it was clear that Hollies Mother had ‘issues’ with, and a further 7 unfortunates were glibly and luridly ‘denounced’ as victims.
Robert Green set out to become a martyr, with false testimony and fabrication, and announced his intent to distribute leaflets in the main high street of Aberdeen outside a major store on a Saturday morning and feigned outrage when arrested for his criminal intent to act in a manner likely to cause a breech of the peace. When having been bailed by the Courts for his now proven criminality he saw fit to cock a snook at the Courts and his bail conditions for which 3 months of his sentence were incurred.
An army of low lifes and malcontents was gathered to voice their bilious opinions and invent yet more grievances – still there was no sustainable evidence yet Robert Green refused to be detered from his ambitions seeking out publicity in Britain and abroad, castigating mainstream media for not publishing denouncements of leading figures and naming the ‘claimed’ abusers – yet I know several media concerns that investigated with a view to publication as a story of this ilk is the type of scoop that is the life blood of the media – yet the responsible media are always loath to destroy peoples lives without sound evidence!
Robert Green was never noted to miss an opportunity for self congratulation and self promotion and now faux horror is evinced when Justice finally catches up with him – this is a man who without evidence or even plausible story accused individuals not just of the most heinous child abuse but even of murder when death certificates and autopsies supported with corroborative evidence clearly show cause and method in an all too plausible and sad suicide yet long after the sad demise (years) new motive is invented and new fantasies promoted without a shred of responsible or valid evidence.
Robert Green is a man whose irresponsibility has led to death threats and extensive abuse by the scum of the earth seeking a cause to espouse to cyber bully and abuse odious individuals like Belinda McKenzie (a serial fantasist and conspiracy theorist), George McKendrick (and his many abusive false identies), David Icke (a professional band waggon jumper exploiting anything for personal gain at the expense of the weak and the gullible), Matt Quinn (who concerningly is entrusted with the care and supposed education of the young!) and the rest of the raft of similarly sordid and untrustworthy self seekers.
I had believed that the best outcome for this foolish old man would be a two year custodial sentence suspended for 5 years however a year where if he acts responsibly will see him releasted in 4-6 months but constrained to curb his imagination and his fantasies for the balance of his sentence or find himself serving the balance of his sentence.
Yes at last on the 17th. not only was Justice done but was seen to be done.
Probably the very best news to come of this sordid debacle is the FACT that there is absolutely zero admissible or plausible evidence that Hollie Greig was EVER abused, sexually or otherwise until Robert green materialised glibbly abusing her dignity and parading her like a trophy before the public exploiting the trusting naiivity of her disabilities but thankfully there is absolutely no sign or valid evidence that she was abused – a FACT which seems to disapoint many of Robert Green’s cult as they themselves abuse all who may seek the truth through FACTS!



just for the record here is a posting I made some time ago which shows that the outcome for the idiotic self seeking Robert Green was inevitable – Green’s ego was massaged by the low life’s who exploited his stupidity just as he exploited the unfortunate Hollie Greig’s disabilities so notoriously parading her genitalia in every form he could imagine!

I posted:


It is good to see another voice of reason laying out the facts in a professional and forensic manner. Sadly there is absolutely no one providing EVIDENCE in a similarly responsible manner for it seems there is none!

My phone number, my address and my eMail are freely and readily available for ANYONE to provide EVIDENCE of abuse.

In this story to date the ONLY actual EVIDENCE of abuse that has come to light has been the very clear evidence that Hollie Greig, a very very vulnerable member of our society, has been most venally and distatefully publicly exploited and abused by:

Anne Greig her Mother who would seem to be off on a toot of her own (akin it seems to Munchausen’s Syndrome bt proxy) but with NO EVIDENCE

Robert Green whose actions have been crass incompetent self serving and criminal, even shamefully naming and blaming his victims as he has NO EVIDENCE

Stuart Usher, who largely due to a distinct verbal communication impediment, has promoted his private grievences and unsubstantiated accusations as with his lurid sacl.info, yet has NO EVIDENCE

Yes there are a number of cunning and sly low lifes on NutJobTV, Bedroom Broadcast Conspirators and low distribution publishing who parade such cases – sandwiched between their sad exploitation of the weak minded and inadequate who have been sat on by life.

Those who wish to blame their own incompetence and failures (and of course their benefit cheques) on lizards, aliens, conDENSATION trails, abductions, Illuminati, FBI, Islam, CIA, immigrants, the bosses, Government, The Masons, Big Government, Common Purpose, Bigger Government, The KGB, Bohemian Grove, Mossad, The Nazis, the New World Order, bullets that bounce off windows, clicks on the phone from auto switching gear, MI5, black ops, The DVD, MI6, Martians, OLAF, secret globalists, The Queen, black helicopters, the Bush family, oil, peak oil, too much oil, lack of oil, UFOs and so on ad naseam.

NO the sad truth is life sat on you and was fairly hard going because you chose your GRANDPARENTS badly and have their genetics.

Sadly the exploitation of Hollie Greig, by the sad and the sick does not want FACTS to expose their conspiracy fantasies, but THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE.

Fortunately Hollie would seem not to have sufficient mental accumen to understand she is being exploited and abused as she is paraded like an exhibit in a Barnum & Bailey show of freaks of the 1890s. The vicarious pleasure of those who would fail their CRBs must be huge!

nooccaR annA has exposed the exploiters and shown they have got it 100% wrong – first you provide THE EVIDENCE and then you seek Justice.

Approaching it backwards they have made criminals of themselves and shown they have NO EVIDENCE.

IF suddenly Anne Greig or Robert Green produce evidence then sadly it can only be EVIDENCE that they are liars as they have promised me AND OTHERS that we are aware of ALL the EVIDENCE they have.

I believe it is time that the duely funded authorities considered placing far greater supervision and care of Hollie Greig at the top of their priorities, considered medical attention for Anne Greig and prosecution of Robert Green.

It may well be apposite for The Court of Protection to investigate Hollie’s finances and how Anne has disbursed them!

I think that the story has yet further to run, so those deriving a vicarious pleasure from studying the sexual information and claimed abuse may still get their jollies – just as those who derived pleasure from fantasising over Roy Greig’s sad suicide can still get their kicks by issuing their sad death threats as they masturbate in their lonely bedrooms.

IF YOU have any EVIDENCE or need help, I have, as Ms. Raccoon states, been exposing abuse since the 1950s!


 Additions 17-Apr-2012
“I categorically, definitely and honestly (once again) refute any connection or knowledge of this Hollie Greig situation, till 2 yrs ago. Especially the spurious allegations and lies by Anne Greig (not Hollie).
Neither myself, my brother or Catherine and Jenny Major have ever been abused as stated.  These allegations only came about after Anne and Robert Green joined forces (evil).”
Richard Dragon.
 Additions 17-May-2012


for the record Robert Green was sentenced to one year in prison for his criminal behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace and repetitive abuse of his bail terms, on 17-Feb-2012.

A shameful reflection on current British justice is that his sentence was dishonestly perverted by the trusted authorities and he was released from prison on 17-May-2012 9 months before his sentence was completed.


 Additions 29-May-2012


Here is Catherine Major’s statement – you may recall Catherine Major was named by Anne Greig, Robert Green & Stuart Usher at a public meeting in Edinburgh where a printed list of abusers and victims were distributed as fact without one single shed of substantive or corroborated evidence – They named some 18 abusers/paedophiles & some 8 victims all minors, including Cathrine Major.

I apologise that for a short time I believed the cult and was personally guilty of perpetuating the myths of these evil people.

This is yet another piece of verifiable admissible evidence which categorically exposes the lies of the Cult. Lies and distortions made much of by low lifes, charlatans and perverts like David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Matt Quinn and other similar self serving, odious obsessives of little or no morality.

Catherine Major’s statement:

I Catherine Major for the benefit of those who continue to write malicious lies and allegations about my family, friends and neighbours would like to go on record to state that I have never been abused. These lies and allegations are a bitter and twisted attempt by Anne Greig to seek revenge on anyone who had ever turned their back on her.
I have very little memories of meeting Anne and can only recall seeing Hollie once when she was only weeks old.
I have no knowledge or understanding of the reasons why Anne has created this dreadful campaign and although myself, my sister, Richard, Paul and Greg have had to defend ourselves against these evil stories, my sympathies will always lie first and foremost with Hollie who seems to have suffered and continues to suffer the most at the hands if her mother Anne Greig.
Catherine Major.


I, Jennifer Maitland (nee major), would also like to go on record to state that I have never been abused as stated by Anne Greig and Robert Green in their ridiculous “Campaign for Justice” and completely deny any knowledge of a paedophile ring.
I do know the Mackie family however I have only met them on a handful of occasions and have never met Robert Green.  My first encounter with this so called investigator was watching him in court. He has written so much about me yet not once has he ever tried to talk to me or ask me face to face if any of these allegations are true.  This is what angers me the most, a complete stranger can believe a story made up by a woman, who herself has had very little contact with me and writes malicious lies without any consideration for the impact it has had on myself and my family.
This is a difficult thing to write, I feel unsure whether I should even have to write this.  Why should I have to spend any more of my time commenting on this?  Is it right that my parents’ names are tarnished, my beloved late father unable to defend his reputation and I am helpless to save my mother’s good name? Is it right that I have to clear it – my family haven’t done anything wrong.  Selfishly, it is me that has the question – why?
Jennifer Maitland (nee major)

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Greg L-W.

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