#G0482* – FIFA not fit for purpose


to claim FIFA is not fit for purpose is an increasingly uncomfortable truism to me!

FIFA seems to increasingly represent football in the manner that much of football is conducted – working every tax dodge they can find, shipping huge amounts of money off shore, acting out of greed on the edge of criminality and without any apparent concepts of morality either as a business or in their sordid lives that seem of relevance in the gutter press.

I speak as an outsider as the names of the clowns and janglers themselves are almost unknown to me – I have no idea which team is what and less interest and that the game squanders £Millions whilst much of the world starves and even in the home towns of these bloated game players and their parasites people die in a health service that is collapsing and where poverty and misery are rife.

The adulation of these entertainers is nothing less than obscene. The incomes of football are obscene. The buying and selling of players is morally reprehensible. The extortionate prices charged are obscene and the corruption is itself obscene.

FIFA may well seem unfit for purpose but clearly it closely resembles and reflects the ethics and morality of football so who can fault it as a representative example of football.

What I do wonder is who the hell would want these people world wide to descend on one’s country.

Let us hope that The World Cup or Challenge or whatever NEVER comes to Britain and let us hope we can export all these odious people to take their morality to other countries but please don’t pretend they represent anything but the worst aspects of our society and I must admit to a certain smugness that I note few of these silly teams can find a full compliment to play the game and go to the international dealers to buy their over paid slaves and bonded labour.


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