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#G0481* – Geert WILDERS cleared of hate charges by Dutch Court

#G0481* –  Geert WILDERS cleared of hate charges by Dutch Court


Geert Wilders having been found innocent of all charges, in my opinion rightly so – however the values and decisions of other Nationals regarding their own citizens in their own country is largely a matter of indifference to me.

Geert Wilders, many seem to overlook, is an elected Dutch politician – which is a great deal more than can be said of any of the hate filled Muslims who have sought to incite hatred against him and his presentation of Islam in his short movie Fitna.

It is worth noting that Fitna may or may not be considered selective however it is notable that none of the Hysterics of Islam seeking to impose their values and medieval superstitions on others have been able to show it to be wrong or in some way untrue.

Thus in reality the truth was on trial in Holland, under attack by a part bronze age part Medieval superstition based on the writings of one far from literate individual living off of his elderly sponsors money – one of his wives being both wealthy and considerably older than Mohammed.

Interestingly there is much in common with the various superstitions that emanated from the Middle East be they Judao Christian or Islamic and as with all of the many similar superstitions that have been invented in the region they come with no provenance and little plausibility!

May I suggest firstly that you watch Fitna which you will find below:

To put the relevance of gods and the massive insignificance of man in some perspective eradicating the bigotry and implausibility opf superstitions of whatever era or source may I suggest you watch some of the videos linked in the Right Sidebar at:

The insecurity of Islam that it made suich a fuss about Fitna and also about a few humerous cartoons is almost balanced by the superstitions of christian evangelists and their efforts to suppress Zeitgeist!

Congratulations to Geert Wilders on standing for free speech and confronting the risks of those evil enough to wish to see it suppressed.


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