#G0470* – Re: Reports: Osama bin Laden dead


based upon ABC details announced by White House:

Abbottabad, Pakistan Navy Seals crashed and subsequently blew up one of two Black Hawk choppers.

Shooting & explosion approx 01:00hrs.

40 minutes on the ground during which time a Chinook (not very fast!) called up, from where?.

Choppers extract US team 2×12 + possible intel. mtl. + body.

Flies 660km to Jelalabad.

Chinook TOP speed 170knts. cruise speed 130knts thus about 2hrs. 20 mins. flying time.

Pakistani fast jets scrambled but did NOT make contact!!!

DNA extracts.

On flight to coast approx 700km.

Chinook TOP speed 170knts. cruise speed 130knts thus about 2hrs. 20 mins. flying time to Jelalabad arriving 04:00hrs. with 700 km. yet to go to the coast and then arrives on OFF SHORE aircraft carrier ready for burial at around 02:00hrs.!!!!!!

This sounds like a new plot for the time lords of Dr. Who!!!

A later clarification was that allegedly they flew the corpse to Jelalabad, Afghanistan NOT Jelalabad, Pakistan – this makes the time line possibilities even more implausible as Jelalabad, Afghanistan is around twice as far and the flight is away from the sea!

Sorry – this is clearly a fabrication but why?

Surely the competent action would have been seize, extract and question for intel. then keep quiet whilst exploiting the intel. picking up as amany accomplices as possible to hold a very clear Court case and PROVE guilt delivering Justice and then a very public execution in an undefined location and immediate incineration of the body ALL FILMED to silence the conspiracy theorists of does the US require the obfuscation by the conspiracy theorists for propaganda gain?

Possibly the only plausible comment of Obama’s over the last few days was:
‘Now that you’ve all got the issue of my birth certificate sorted out perhaps we should get to the weightier affairs of state like the faked moon landings’!

COULD THIS ALL BE a faked cherade to dupe the gullible Americans who so desperately need some good news after relentless failure on almost all fronts for at least a decade as they stare down the twin barrels of economic collapse and loss of control of their borders backed by a deteriorating climate due to global cooling & climate change.

IS THIS a positive false flag in a desperate attempt to restore some self respect all be it amongst a people who have been so consistently duped and lied to by their politicians for so long they would trust few of them if they ran the speaking clock!

A tragedy for America but also for her alies and Americannophiles like myself.

It is such a lovely Country with so many great people and flash whose role in life seems to be to indicate where enemas can be administered.


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