#G0471* – BLUE on BLUE Casualty Figures

This is interesting, found it in an article in Soldier Magazine.

These figures come from the US DoD.
Friendly Fire Incidents for Modern Conflicts

US Forces on US Forces

    WWII– 12.98%
    Korea- 13.24%
    Vietnam- 14.57%
    Granada- 13.0%
    Panama- 6.5%
    Desert Storm– 17.5%
    Iraq/Afghanistan- 2.2%

US Forces on Allied Forces (excluding US Forces)

    WWII- 16.02%
    Korea- 9.5%
    Vietnam- 17.5%
    Desert Storm- 26.7%
    Iraq/Afghanistan- 13.5%

Allied Forces on US Forces

    WWII- 2.58%
    Korea- 2.6%
    Vietnam- 0.0%
    Desert Storm- 1.4%
    Iraq/Afghanistan- 0.5%

Average Friendly Fire casualties for WWII (Confirmed Totals)

    US- 15.56%
    UK- 12.86%
    France- 8.57%
    Free French- 12.11%
    Free Poles- 13.58%
    German- 8.5%
    Russian- 21.75%
    Japanese- 24.18% (Includes Kamikazi)

Chinese- 8.97%

Average Friendly Fire for British Forces against British Forces

    WWI- 2.5%
    WWII- 3.2%
    Malaysia- 1.8%
    Northern Ireland- 0.5%
    Desert Storm- 0.25%
    Iraq/Afghanistan- 0.35%

Highest Recorded Deaths in a single Friendly Fire incident is 376 Dead and 1389 injured in one two hour period when the US Army Air Core Bombed Allied lines during the latter stages of the Normandy Campaign in the Summer of 1944. To compound this obvious mistake, they came back the following day and killed another 241 American Soldiers and sent another 276 to the hospital. The Soldiers on the ground found themselves in the unenviable position of having to open fire on US aircraft to prevent further casualties on the ground..They shot down 5 US Aircraft and killed a further 23 USAAC Crew members..two very bleak days by any standard.

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