#G301* – The Intellectual Caliber of LABOUR That Lost The Election! 
After 13 Unlucky Years.

In the interest of understanding why, on a day to day basis, Labour was resoundingly dumped by the electorate after 13 Unlucky years you may care to watch this idiot:

He has all the finesse we have seen of such as today’s newly created Labour Peer the EU’s Gauleiter John Lesley PRESSCOTT servant of The Soviet Union and long term Communist – The Power behind The Labour Government of the duplicitous liar and all round treacherous creep and mass murderer Anthony Charles Lynton BLAIR.

Presscott will be in his element alongside such vile and treacherous scum as Peter Mandelson, Niel Kinnock, Glenys Kinnock & Gorbles Mick.

It is interesting to note that in the months since being resoundingly dumped by the British people the economic illiterate and treacherous Gordon BROWN despite drawing his full salary as an MP has only turned up for work on two days!

Then they wonder why Labour were resoundingly dumped – that is not to say the present bunch of power hungry political prostitutes are any better!