here is another look at Social Services – there are obviously mistakes in tollerance and abuse, over use of powers and failure to use them.

Can it be so very difficult to see the difference between cases like the Baby P case and the Debbie & Tony case.

For all the fuss and bluster just look what a mess has occurred because the authorities failed in their duty to step in and a mother paraded her 30 year old daughter who had acute learning difficulties, Downs Syndrome and a mental age of 3.1/2 we are told. Clearly the authorities should have stepped in when the mother with what seems to be a fanciful ‘STORY’ of abuse, cover-up and murder for which there was absolutely no valid evidence but sufficient for the daughter to be turned into a FaceBook cause celebre for the nuttier end of society and an exhibit in studios and at public meetings!

Where were Social Services in the protection of these two vulnerable women over well over a year of lewd publicity?

It is good to see Christopher Booker featured as he clearly deserves it for his work on behalf of these children as StolenKids clearly shows.

For children whatever their age now, who are or were the victims of abuse or sexual abuse there is also the empowering site of StolenChildhood