The Sioux Might Wish to Warn The Irish (G020)

29-Dec-2008 marks the 118th. anniversary of the massacre of The Lakota Souix under Chief Big Foot of The Miniconjou Souix at Wounded Knee less than 2 weeks after the murder of Sitting Bull by US Cavalry at Standing Rock Reservation.

Similarly 29-Nov was the 144th. anniversary of the massacre, by the Militia of Colnel John Chivington, of a defenceless Cheyenne and an Arapaho villages at Sand Creek.

The Irish may care to learn from the wisdom of the Indiginous peoples of America – Never trust a treaty signed against one’s better instincts, against one’s will and sold to such an extent that they were prepared to lie.

The Cheyenne, The Arapaho, Sitting Bull, The Miniconjou, The Lakota and Big Foot had binding Treaty Agreements with a nascent super State seeking to increase its control.

Some amongst The Irish will recal that John Major signed an agreement with The EU termed by The Sun newspaper on its banner front page as Game, Set & Match to Major yet it seems it was not valid since The EU have just arbitrarily overturned the Treaty – as did The Colorado Militia and the US 7th. Cavalry.

It would seem that The EU is no respecter of agreements either and Ireland is to vote again to make it possible to claim they voted for their own demise as a Nation State! No massacre here just the death of democracy and self determination granted at great cost in 1922.

& to think that Declan Ganley AND the British Tory Party are so stupid as to believe that The EU can be changed from within! Sand Creek Colorado and Wounded Knee will hold no torch to the massacres that will result from the enforcement of The EU on a largely resistant peoples!

Greg L-W.