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‘A FOUL & A MESS’ in Snooker courtesy of the idiotic ‘Just Stop Oil’ cult …


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Greg Lance – Watkins
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Just Stop Oil seem determined to destroy their credibility & possible support – here they are selfishly making fools of themselves:


Congratulations to Snooker Scene magazine for dealing with the matter head-on and there is no doubt that congratulations are due to Marcus Stead who after over 12 years working with Clive, the founder and until recently owner of the magazine was, at Clive’s suggestion, after a brief interregnum period appointed as Editor by the new owner, with all the responsibilities and authority that goes with the position.

In a very short period, largely due to his extensive experience across the field as a trained and trusted journalist and in no small measure his experience as a sports journalist and author, with a couple of reputable sports biographies under his belt Marcus Stead has not only thoroughly modernised the publication and in dealing with his team has dealt with the pagination and illustration of the new look publication.

I was pleased to see he rose above a tiny cult of foul-mouthed ignorant showoffs on Twitter and the like – all it seems are acclaimed nobodies! Despite their vituperative petty jealousies that are the measure of the sweeping of Twitter’s gutter contingent I note with interest that the membership/readership has not just held steady through the change of ownership but Marcus Stead has led his small team to an actual increase in subscribers. This bodes well for the future and I gather the new owners are well pleased.

I believe the article in the recent issue is an exemplary display of how to report criminal activity that so mindlessly and selfishly disrupted The World Championship game at The Crucible – Marcus Stead dealt with the background in some detail and clearly with a greater command of the facts than the idiot protestors, who have made it astonishingly clear they have absolutely Zero command of the facts, regarding Oil, its production and usage and the massive benefits it has provided for mankind, worldwide for 2 Centuries.

The protesters show, time and time again both in the childish and irresponsible nature of their protests, the idiocy and irresponsible danger of their demands and their ill-mannered incompetence when interviewed by the media, where it seems all they can do is talk over others as they present the gullible and ill-informed mantras – They have done a great deal with their little cult, chanting what are effectively the inventions of their baseless superstition as in the rarely listened to other quasi-religious fanatics!

Marcus Stead on the other hand displayed an obvious understanding of the Climate Crisis Fraud and the lack of scientific proof and consensus, not only displayed by but admitted to in the UN’s spurious IPCC Report, that even it has to admit is propped up by a small % of fully funded individuals, many of whom asked for their names to be removed from the list of contributors as they did not agree with the methodology of carefully selected data, from a carefully selected period, seemingly to provide the required result when fed to a specifically designed computer model – that an individual similarly abused computer software to defraud people with a company called ISpoof, of around £100Million – it starts to become apparent when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison that there is one law for private enterprise but another for the likes of the WEF, the UN and various contributing Billionaires and Politicians as there is no doubt whatever that the Climate Crisis Fraud will defraud both individuals and countries – to the tune of 100s of £Billions.

A level of Fraud that Marcus Stead had the journalistic integrity to shine some light on when exposing the corruption of Just Stop Oil’s crass and selfish antics at The Crucible and elsewhere.

Before you incline to a knee-jerk and well-programmed retort or response to my comments firstly be minded I have ZERO interest or connection with Snooker Scene and no financial connection with either Marcus Stead or any of his employers ever – further I would suggest you read the IPCC Report in it’s various scurrilous editions and you will appreciate it has the credibility of The BBC, Fox News, Chris Packham, Bill Gates, George Monbiot, Putin, Justin Wellby, Matt Hancock, Carrie Johnson, Jo Biden, King Charles, Nicola Sturgeon, Kier Starmer, Tony Blair, David Attenborough, Prince William, Jerry Adams, The Guardian, The Star, Harry & Meghan, Oprah Winfrey, Phillip Schofield and numerous others I would incline to trust as far as I could kick them!

Do not be duped that the likes of these individuals in some way makes them credible or offers them integrity – They are no different to the Charlatans and scoundrels of Just Stop Oil, The Greens, Climate Extinction, many school teachers who are currently abusing pupils entrusted to them by distortion of facts regarding gender and the like!

Again I commend Snooker Scene and its management and editorial team for not being intimidated by the Woke crooks and thus condoning the abuse of all at The Crucible that evening and around the world watching their sport and in many cases spending considerable money when their sport was Befouled & Messed-Up by the degenerates of Just Stop Oil.

Congratulations for your integrity in defending Snooker and it’s genuine supporters.


[Picture – see attachments. Credit – Mark Watterson]

On the evening of Monday 17 April, the most senseless and pointless episode in the 46 years of
the World Championship at the Crucible took place.
Play had just got underway in the first round match between Robert Milkins and Joe Perry, while on
the other table, Mark Allen and Fan Zhengyi were beginning their second session.
The Crucible Theatre was more-or-less full to capacity, aside from a few latecomers and Crucible
Club members who prioritised fine dining and corporate hospitality over watching snooker from the
best seats in the house.
Moments later, Edred Whittingham, 25, emerged from his seat, ran into the arena, jumped onto the
table where the Milkins v Perry match was taking place, opened a pouch of orange powder and
poured it over the table, as the astonished crowd made their thoughts known with a chorus of loud
On the other side of the partition, Margaret Reid, 52, ran into the arena and attempted to glue her
hand to the table, and it was only the bravery of referee Olivier Marteel that prevented her from
doing so.
I do not use the word ‘bravery’ lightly when referring to Marteel’s actions. He had no way of
knowing if this woman was carrying a knife or a bottle containing acid.
Whatever we may think of author Sir Salman Rushdie (and I am no fan), we should remember that
on 12 August last year, while about to start a lecture at Chautauqua Institution, New York, he was
attacked by a man who rushed onto the stage and stabbed him repeatedly, including in the neck and
As a result of the attack, Sir Salman was permanently blinded in his right eye and lost the use of one
There are dangerous and unhinged people living among us, and Marteel’s bravery should be
properly acknowledged. Reid was nothing more than a silly attention-seeker who belongs to an eco-
cult, but Marteel was not to know that when he prevented her from gluing her hand to the table.
Inevitably, play had to be suspended for the evening in the Milkins v Perry match. The efforts of MC
Rob Walker and others to brush off the orange powder were commendable, but the table had to be
reclothed, a process that takes a considerable amount of time and involves rather a lot of noise.
Play on the Allen v Fan match was able to continue after a short delay when order had been
restored, but the 460 fans who had bought tickets for the side of the arena where Milkins v Perry
was due to take place had good reason to feel angry and short-changed.
Three days later, former World Snooker Tour chairman Barry Hearn told the press he was ready to
fund legal action on behalf of the 460 fans who were seated on that side of the arena: “That geezer
who jumped on the table, he has upset me,” Hearn told the Sportsman.
“I also feel sorry for the project that he claims to represent. He did it more harm than good. But my
overriding consideration is that all those people bought a ticket and had their evening spoiled. So I
am going to write to the people that missed out and offer to support them, on a no-win, no-fee
“And I am going to suggest they all join me in taking civil action against that young man for the cost
incurred in their ticket, their travel, their food. I don’t think people should take the mick, thinking
that the poor old punter can just get treated like it just doesn’t matter. I want to send a message out
to anyone else who wants to try it – we will do you as well,” he said.

If anything, Hearn was being too polite. Just Stop Oil protesters are given a much gentler ride in
many sections of the media than they deserve, especially the BBC, because the cause they advocate
is a fashionable one among the metropolitan chattering classes.
Just Stop Oil hardly appears representative of society as a whole. Whenever their spokespeople
appear on TV, they are nearly always young, plummy-voiced and university-educated.
Nor do they debate in rational, sensible terms. Roger Hallam, the ponytailed ‘mastermind’ behind
Just Stop Oil claimed in an interview with Andrew Neil in June 2021 that six billion people (that is,
the vast majority of people on the planet) will die this century due to climate change and the chaos
he says it will unleash.
Mr Neil pointed out the flimsiness of the evidence upon which Hallam had made these claims and
gave him ample opportunity to withdraw the remarks, but he did not do so.
On another occasion, Hallam posted a video to social media where he talked about the impact of
social collapse that he believes will follow man-made climate change, where he said, in a slow,
monotone voice: “The other thing about social collapse is the complete loss of material security, or
law and order, as you might say.
“So what will happen is episodes where someone, a gang of young men, come into your house, they
take your girlfriend, they take your mother, they put her onto the table, and they gang rape her in
front of you.
“And then after that, they take a hot stick, and they poke out your eyes and they blind you. That’s
the reality of the annihilation project that you face.”
It is impossible to debate rationally with people who speak in these ridiculous terms, and they are
given a level of respectability and prominence they do not deserve by certain media outlets.
But who is Edred Whittingham? He is from Cambridge and is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics
student at Exeter University.
Last July, he was arrested after he glued his hand to a painting at Manchester Art Gallery, and in
September, he was one of 51 Just Stop Oil protesters who was jailed when they shut down the
Kingsbury Oil Terminal.
Two weeks before he threw orange powder on the snooker table, Whittingham appeared as a guest
on GB News with Patrick Christys (the interview is still available on YouTube).
Mr Christys read a list to him of claims that some scientists have made for many years that have not
come true – in 1966 they claimed all oil would be gone within ten years; in 1967 they claimed there
would be a new ice age by 2020; in 2014 they claimed there would only be 500 days before ‘climate
chaos’. The list goes on. When asked why we should believe Whittingham now, he could not
provide a mature answer.
Whittingham also said that he had already decided he would not be having children because he
could not guarantee there would be a habitable planet for them to grow up into.
The other protester who made it into the arena, Margaret Reid, is a former museum professional
from Kendal.
After the incident at the Crucible, both were arrested and bailed after being held on suspicion of
causing criminal damage.
The earth’s climate has always changed throughout history and the belief that mankind is to blame
for any recent or ongoing warming is far from ‘settled science’.
A number of well-known and highly respected public figures have written sensible critiques against
the theory. Last month, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson died at the age of 91. In
the final two decades of his life, he was a persistent critic of the theory of man-made climate
change, and in November 2009 he co-founded The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF),
whose stated aims are to challenge “extremely damaging and harmful policies” envisaged by

In 2014, Lawson published a paper through the GWPF, still easily available online, titled The Trouble
With Climate Change, which is a good ‘starting point’ for anybody wanting to hear sensible, rational
arguments against the theory.
Another prominent figure who criticised the theory of man-made climate change was late Private
Eye founding editor Christopher Booker, who regularly returned to the topic in his Sunday Telegraph
column in later life and wrote a thoroughly researched book called The Real Global Warming
Disaster: Is the Obsession with ‘Climate Change’ Turning Out to Be the Most Costly Scientific Blunder
in History?
The late newsreader and former Question Time host Peter Sissons heavily criticised the BBC’s
devotion to the theory of man-made climate change in his very enjoyable autobiography When One
Door Closes.
Other well-known TV personalities who have publicly dared to doubt man-made climate change, and
effectively had their BBC careers ended as a result, include the late Dr David Bellamy, former One
Man and His Dog host Robin Page, current affairs journalist and environmentalist Julian Pettifer and
Johnny Ball, who for many years was the BBC’s face of children’s science programmes.
These are hardly ‘fringe nutters’ – they are all well-known household names who gained public
prominence due to their expertise and intellect.
Many mainstream media outlets, but especially the BBC, regularly refer to those who question the
theory of man-made climate change as ‘deniers’, an appalling choice of word as it deliberately
echoes ‘Holocaust denier’, as if questioning present government policies and forecasts of the future
is akin to casting malign doubt upon the very real truth of the most evil crime of the twentieth
The short explanation as to why global governments are so keen on pushing and propagandising the
man-made climate change theory is that it is a means of taxing and controlling people. Plus, as the
pandemic showed, people who live in fear of something are easier to govern. There is plenty of
evidence to suggest that current policies promoted by western governments are highly irrational,
will impoverish us and will help China.
It is not only sections of the media who give these ‘activists’ a soft ride. In a free and democratic
society, we all have a duty to protect the rights of people to speak freely, protest peacefully and
make their point, no matter how ludicrous we may consider them, provided they do so within the
law. But we also have a right to expect that the police and judiciary to uphold and enforce the law
without making excuses for the actions of lawbreakers.
There have been a number of occasions in recent times where judges have expressed sympathy to
Just Stop Oil activists, and in doing so have fallen short of the standards we should expect of them.
In February, Darlington student Jon Deery was among seven Just Stop Oil supporters found guilty of
aggravated trespass following a trial at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court.
The 22-year-old was one of 13 people who blockaded the Esso Fuel Terminal in Birmingham in April
last year, and he was sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge and made to pay £250 costs.
When passing sentence, District Judge Graham Wilkinson reportedly said: “It’s abundantly clear that
you are all good people.
“It’s unarguable that man-made global warming is real and we are facing a climate emergency.
“Your aims are ably and genuinely articulated and are supported by the science. When the United
Nations Secretary General gives a speech saying that the activity of fossil fuel companies are
incompatible with human survival, we should all be very aware of the need for change.”
The judge said he found the evidence of defendants ‘deeply moving’. He said: “No-one can criticise
your motivations.
“The tragedy is that good people have felt so much without hope, that you feel you have to come
into conflict with the criminal justice system. Thank you for opening my eyes to certain things.

“I say this, and I mean this sadly, I have to convict you. You should feel guilty for nothing. You should
feel proud that you care, have concern for the future. I urge you not to break the law again. Good
luck to all of you.”
This is an absolutely extraordinary statement for a judge to make in a court of law. He is, in effect,
justifying their criminal behaviour, while also using words like ‘unarguable’ to describe the theory of
man-made climate change, when, in fact, there are plenty of sensible, measured people who
question its validity.
As Clive Everton pointed out in this magazine during his many battles and campaigns over the years,
in life, establishments do tend to stick together.
If the protesters had carried out the same actions in the name of a cause less fashionable with the
establishment, such as, say, implementing the Brexit the British people voted for in the 2016
referendum, would the judges and the BBC have given them such a soft ride? Of course not, nor
should we expect them to have done.
The reality is that on 17 April, these entitled, attention-seeking Just Stop Oil cultists ruined a night
out for hard-working people who had paid good money for tickets and for travel and
accommodation costs. Huge numbers of people around the world who had looked forward to
watching the opening session of the Milkins v Perry match on TV with their feet up also had their
enjoyment spoiled.
But on other occasions, the actions of these entitled brats had altogether more serious
consequences. I occasionally appear as a pundit on Talk TV, sometimes to discuss snooker, but also
to debate other matters.
One of the station’s most popular presenters, James Whale, is suffering from stage four cancer of
the kidney, brain, spine and lungs.
Some months ago, Mr Whale was prevented from attending a chemotherapy appointment because
Just Stop Oil activists had blocked the road. How can this possibly be justified?
People making the difficult journey to hospital to say goodbye to dying family members have been
prevented from reaching them in time because the roads have been blocked by these ‘activists’?
How can this possibly be justified?
Ambulances carrying stroke patients who need to reach hospital as quickly as possible to give them
the best possible chance of recovery have been sat in traffic for hours as a result of Just Stop Oil
protesters. Patients have suffered lasting disabilities as a result. How can this possibly be justified?
The establishment, and much of the mainstream media, needs to take a long, hard look at its moral
compass with the way it excuses the behaviour of this middle-class  cult.
But how should professional snooker change as a result of this nasty episode? Security at snooker
events is relatively low-key, and those involved are quite often elderly.
For the most part, their job involves little more than checking tickets, guiding people to seats, as well
as telling latecomers and those who have left the arena for refreshments that they will be allowed
into the arena at the end of the frame.
Most of the players, if approached at an appropriate time, are more than happy to stop for a selfie
or an autograph.
Many enjoy chatting with fans in and around venues. If you really want to meet your favourite
snooker player, it is not especially difficult to do so.
Yet this incident has shown that snooker is not immune from the more moronic elements of society.
In light of this incident, those in charge will need to strike a tricky balance between protecting the
safety of players, officials, and spectators, while not undermining snooker’s friendliness and

To View the Original Article SEE ‘Snooker Scene’
Below are the pages in Reverse Block, as they appeared, page by page in the original magazine:

Thu, May 18, 11:07 PM (2 days ago)

Marcus Stead

May I applaud Barry Hearn for his generosity in backing individuals who were cheated and abused by the Just Stop Oil’s criminal invasion of The Crucible.

Barry Hearn was interviewed on Piers Morgan Uncensored a few hours ago where he revealed that 64 spectators accepted his offer to sue the Just Stop Oil protester who poured powder on the snooker table. Details here just a few minutes in:


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