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Will Putin receive the Presidential Medal of Honour
& a British Knighthood for services to NATO? …


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins


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it is hard to believe Putin is not an agent of The West in deep cover within Russia – First The KGB in the USSR and latterly The FSB in the Russian Federation. In those roles he has risen to the top echelons of both, now passing himself off as The Federation’s President and supreme commander, whilst portraying himself to the peoples of Russia as outsmarting the West.

He has managed to dupe the Russians by controlling their media and standing back as his Generals and other leading Russian figures have died of sham and boredom, though many of the deaths look very much like assassinations and murder!

Here are a selection of the ways in which he has assisted us, whilst actually acting in pretence of serving Russia, by outsmarting the West into destroying Russia’s reputation as a devastating military power.

Oh, but Putin wasn’t done there …

  • He tricked NATO into including Finland and Sweden amongst their members, thereby adding an extra 1,340 kilometers of NATO territory to the Russian border.
  • He clearly outsmarted NATO into supplying enough weapons to Ukraine to wipe out a third of Russia’s standing army. (That’s one of his cleverest tricks and my favorite)
  • He also tricked NATO into adding 300,000 troops into Europe, effectively quashing any hope of Russia gaining more land. Previously, NATO borders were lightly guarded and much easier to take over.
  • NATO must thank him as it was on the decline and appearing useless, perhaps soon to be disbanded! But Putin outsmarted everyone and reinvigorated NATO into becoming a more active, vibrant organization, with far more co-operative strength, dedicated to halting the expansion of Russia.
  • We couldn’t have achived that without Putin’s betrayal of the interests of the Russian Federation, it’s people and particularly it’s Military.
  • Putin is also to be thanked for flushing out China, in the expectation it would supply and support Russia.
  • We note China, thanks to Putin, has greatly matured on the World stage, for the first time in it’s long history putting forward an attempt at a constructive 12 suggestions for peace – Rather than sitting in introspective isolation making threatening moves in it’s own region. A leap forward in Diplomacy for China, thanks to the duplicity of Putin!
  • Putin really outmaneuvered everyone who thought the Russian military was competent and professional, now managing not only to convincing everyone, but also give physical proof it is nothing but a paper tiger.

Thanks for crushing our old enemy, without NATO even firing a single shot, a most exemplary division of Russian unity!

Wow, what a smart guy. If Putin gets any smarter in the same direction, he’ll soon bring about the total collapse of the Russian Federation, in the realisation that all sides in any War are severely damaged even, if it escalates, terminally.

“Mr. Putin, M16, the CIA, NATO & our allied Miltary thank you for your extraordinary service”.

We collectively believe you deserve to be rewarded by Our Peoples.

With acknowledgement to the sarcastic humour of Eric Wickland some seven months ago, on which I have expanded!



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