IN MEMORIAM of ‘D’ Day 6-Jun-1944 & My Family’s Small Part, On That Day:

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6th. June 1944 – over 70 Years Ago


late in the afternoon over 70 years ago my Mother got permision to slip away early from her secret radio ops. base near London – on condition she remained in Uniform! – she had no idea why she had to wear uniform but what the hell it got her off ops. early!

She was WRAF and now firmly grounded as her newly married husband said that 2 in the air was too many!

Father had arranged to fly into Biggin Hill for a brief overnight stay and they were meeting for an early supper with some friends in a hotel near Croydon airport.

They had dinner and everyone drifted away early. Later that night my Father slid quietly from their bedroom setting an alarm for my Mother – She was on orders and Father had just broken orders!!

Mother heard the alarm and rapidly got up – not quite sure why she had to – dressed, rather blearily in the dark and was on the front steps of the hotel just as dawn was breaking. Those were her instructions!!

Just as dawn broke she heard the familiar roar of Merlin Engines as a wing of Spitfires flew at roof top over the hotel waggling their wings – she spent the next 10 minutes helping a cleaning lady clear up the mess she made falling over a bucket of soapy water as she, being less used to Spitfires at close quarters than my Mother, dived for cover!

Then the sprint back to her station where at every opportunity for the rest of the day she tuned in to listen to my Father’s squadron as it provided the air cover on the beaches of the Normandy Landings.

Operation Overlord with the landing of 156,000 allied troops on the beaches of Normandy (Operation Neptune) was under way.

The landings were to be preceded by airborne landings near Caen on the eastern flank to secure the Orne River bridges and north of Carentan on the western flank. The Americans, assigned to land at Utah Beach and Omaha Beach, were to attempt to capture Carentan and St. Lô the first day, then cut off the Cotentin Peninsula and eventually capture the port facilities at Cherbourg. The British at Sword Beach and Gold Beach and Canadians at Juno Beach would protect the American flank and attempt to establish airfields near Caen. A secure lodgement would be established and an attempt made to hold all territory north of the AvranchesFalaise line within the first three weeks. Montgomery envisaged a ninety-day battle, lasting until all Allied forces reached the Seine.

In the 48 hours of D Day alone fatal casualties were around 3,000 with many many more injured.

1,000s died to give you and I our liberty!

The Normandy Beaches
6th. June 1944
Where They Gave Their Lives For You & I

Only to be betrayed by political filth just a few decades later.

Few things in my life have revolted me more than the glib willingness of the scum of the earth to squabble and back stab to get their snouts in the troughs on The EU Gravy Train.

Even less edifying have been the filth that has crawled out of the gutters to lie and cheat, plot and scheme against decent honest people, who have no interest in personal reward, yet seek to liberate these United Kingdoms from under the heel of those to whom our politicians have betrayed us.

Richard North made a very simple but very understanding comment on his Blog:

In a demonstration of raw courage, ingenuity, determination and sheer power, on 6 June 1944 the combined Allied Armies launched the greatest invasion fleet in the history of man onto the shores of Normandy – a feat never since equalled and never likely to be repeated.

Many arrived – many fewer left. We owe them a great deal.

But Richard has a better understanding of the betrayal of Britain by Politicians and a clear understanding of young men in battle, let down by the politicians who betrayed them and the senior officers jockeying for position, do read his recent book – Details CLICK HERE

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),




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