Brief CoronaVirus Up-Date

as at 09:30hrs. GMT 10-Feb-2020

& Tips …


Shows the cumulative totals at 09:30hrs. GMT 10-Feb-2020

Coronavirus Cases: 40,628

of which 6,494 (15%) in critical condition

Deaths: 910


SARS final death total in 2003 – 774

MERS final death total in 2012 – 858

  • Almost any medical disinfectant will kill the Virus but killing the virus is a far cry from CURING the virus in those who are infected by it.
  • We do not KNOW what the survival of the virus is on surfaces or goods we may receive or obtain from infected sources!
  • There is probably little risk of contracting 2019-NC0V from goods imported from China – but we can not be certain!
  • Try to use hand gel once an hour.
  • Wipe door handles & regularly touched surfaces.
  • Use wooden chopping-boards for all food, as wood is bacterial & virus-resistant, unlike plastic or formica laminates.
  • Use hand-gel as you enter your home & wipe ALL shopping etc. brought in.
  • Avoid public places & gatherings where possible.
  • Maintain personal space particularly 4>5 feet when face to face.
  • Wash ALL foods brought into the home with mild disinfectant -vinegar or salt is better than nothing.
  • Act rationally with common sense!