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Are Men Deliberately Controlling Women By Taxation, Periods & Incontinence? …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins






I have posted the following on my blog at

Also copies to my MPs, Min. Culture, Min. Health, Chancellor, various other MPs & MEPs, The Cabinet Officer.


Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to petition you to vigerously oppose funding, by Her Majesty’s government, for the anti cultural concept of opposing women’s Human Rights in the matter of choice and control over their own lives and bodies from any part of the Public Purse.

This is I believe a matter being mooted and promoted by Rob Wilson MP: Department for Culture, Media and and Sport, entirely contra the Conservative Party claims of compassionate & caring Governance.


I am given to understand that a large sum of money; raised at the expense of women, via taxation on the medically gender specific requirement for menstrual sanitary needs; not only is your Government thus discriminating against women by imposing what has become known as ‘the Tampon Tax’, but now it is mooted that part of the monies thus raised are to be spent in opposing the fundamental human right of freedom of choice for women, in the matter of abortion.


To force women to have unwanted children is not only arcane but utterly immoral.


Refusal and/or restriction of the right of choice for women to have control of their own lives and bodies is surely the antithesis of the purpose of Government, in an enlightened nation.


Sir, to even contemplate the belief that funding of any organisation to block or influence women against their right to choice is an evil and outdate act of mysogeny and to fund the matter whilst taxing women for their gender specific medical needs is morally repugnant.


I therefore ask you to act; in a morally acceptable manner, disassociated from any views or values founded on the bizare superstitions of mankind’s inclination to Bronze Age gods; I ask you to strenuously oppose support of any organisation which taxes women based upon specific gender needs and to likewise oppose any support of organisations which fund any aspect of the denial of choice for women, particularly relative to their obvious right to choice in the matter of breeding.

May I also take this opportunity to draw your attention to a further area of persecution of women in terms of their specific gender requirements amongst a high proportion of them, believed to be approaching some 50% of mature women, particularly those who have had children. That is the matter of the levying of taxes against them in the area of urinary incontinence.

I am pleased to note from advertising that the matter is becoming rather less of a taboo subject, as more and more advertisements burgeon in the media and at all times of day advertising incontinence needs and products that are a medical neccessity primarily required by women. That taxes are levied on this largely gender specific medical neccessity is I believe morally repugnant.

That the matter has been something of a taboo for discussion in polite circles has resulted in less research funding in urology departments and in this modern age the lack of toilet facilities in public places is a greater blight on the lives of women than many, particularly men, would care to admit.

There is much clamouring in many areas, and rightly so, for equal rights for women in terms of occupation and the like – this is NEVER going to happen when at least 1/3rd. of mature women are unable to countenance a meeting or travel of much over one hour without the embarrassment of incontinence – many experience the problem long before the hour is up!

May I ask you to consider the effect on our society at large when you are minded to note that careers of women are not controlled by their intellectual capacity, but all too often by the efficacy of the sphincture muscle in their bladders and their medical ability or lack thereof to control it.

Many a great female mind has been forced out of corporate or political life due to incontinence! Just look around you and you will, as a man, realise that you are in a privileged position either on a corporate board or in politics or even in your chosen profession, not because of your ability or intellect but merely because of the undeniable fact that many far cleverer women than you or I are precluded from competition in our field due to the simple matter of incontinence.

It is worthy of note that Britain’s first female Prime Minister, mother of two children, was recorded on her death certificate as having had (which was probably contributory to her death) Bladder Cancer – a condition many believe is caused or exacerbated by urinary tract malfunction, leading to failure to fully void, often a side effect of incontinence, particularly stress incontinence!

May I ask you to consider –

Firstly: By what right do you believe women should be penalised (bad pun intended!) by specific taxation, on largely gender specific neccessities.

Secondly: How can you and I and the many other men who have benefitted from this situation act to redress this obvious wrong.

Thirdly: It is obviously grievously wrong that the Public Purse is abused by using corruptly raised taxes, or any taxes raised, to fund organisations seeking to deny women the choice of control over their bodies and lives by action to disuade abortion.

Fourthly: What will YOU do to promote these issues and right the wrong they inflict on women purely because of their gender.

Greg Lance-Watkins


I trust you will consider copying my letter to YOUR MP, MEPs and others, as this is a matter that although of little apparent significance at first glance, actually effects more than 50% of the population of Britain and by showing moral leadership Britain can influence the lives of half the world’s population.

It is worth noting that in the matter of menstruation many women around the world have no access to hygenic medical products, taxed or otherwise and most young girls and women are precluded from basec education let alone further education from their first period onwards, during menstruation, this huge loss of talent can in fact be seen as one of the reasons for third world status of many societies.

I appreciate that FMG and the enforcement of Niquabs and Burkhas are considered more important and more fashionable to discuss, but the imposition of male domination is just as notable in the areas of periods and urinary incontinence.

Could it be that men are failing to act to right this wrong out of self interest, in order to ensure their continued dominance of women, and thereby avoid competition from frequently intellectually superior and often more caring women!

I do hope you will act to promote this issue – if only by circulating details of this web site or making copies of my letter to hand out.


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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