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The Folly Of #HS2, The Failures Of #BT &
The Impossibility Of Fully Funding The #NHS …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins






astonishing isn’t it that despite the fact that so many areas in Britain lack reliable broadband, with better than glacial speeds and large areas lack workable mobile phone signals – politicians witter on about ‘infrastructure’ and threaten rational members of society with squandering an estimated £42Billion on HS2, which is nothing more than a pointless vanity programme which is no more than an outright scam, using OUR money!

Not only is it pointless – anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together has learned enough history to realise that all it will do is siphon off people and jobs from the towns and cities where it stops and Britain will become yet more London centric!

This is a lesson most clearly shown when the French set up their railway network to decentralise Paris, and other cities, taking the public from the cities into the countryside and they found it merely attracted those already in the countryside to come into the cities, with disasterous consequences.

HS2 may well marginally help commuters to London (one or 2 trains in the morning & one or two home in the evenings!) but anyone else who wants to get there, 20 WHOLE minutes sooner, from Birmingham can at the moment catch a slightly earlier train!

They can’t run the trains on time anyway, just look at the farce that passes for a service in the South East.

Just what is the point of HS2 when a fraction of the money could improve the existing service and leave plenty over to fund fast direct optical cable to all parts of Britain, improved video conferencing and the decentralising of many offices, resulting in less travel and better lives for all – there might even be some money left over to fund the drugs that are currently bankrupting the NHS!

Clearly it is not a simple lack of funding that is causing problems for the NHS, but an inability to function within a budget! Many falsely apportion blame to health tourism and immigrants when in reality they account for a paultry 0.3% of the NHS budget!

Consider the unrealistic expectation whereby the NHS is no longer a National HEALTH Service but all too often a life style service used as a political football and whipping boy.

I guess such a solution is far too logical for a politician or a major corporate director!

None of this takes into consideration, the inevitable fall in requirement for travel once video conferencing is more widely used due to improved efficiency. In the slightly longer term robotics and automation will inevitably give rise to a fall in numbers of people who have any need to work or any meaningfull need to work physically thus ever more jobs will pass into history together with the need for work related travel.

Instead of politicians thinking in the short term as to how they can be re-elected asurely it is time for a more mature and responsible attitude where consideration is given to the needs of the future rather than meeting the needs as perceived in the past.

Cancel the HS2 vanity project and update communications to meet the modern world’s needs of today whilst thinking of the needs of the future by even considering managing the total closure of rail in Britain as it has not, nor will it ever, under any circumstances, be an efficient and cost effective concept!

It is time to think ahead.


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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