Dishonest & corrupt abuse of British military, resulting in ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


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Greg Lance – Watkins




You might like to contribute to hopefully seeing Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, John Prescot, John Scarlet & others responsible for this dishonest & corrupt abuse of British military as mercenaries to their lies, resulting in ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, in the dock.


You may well remember that at the time I called into question what was to become known as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’, claimed to have been presented by John Scarlet and believed to have been additionally ‘sexed up’ to suit the needs of Tony Blair. On reading the document it became almost immediately obvious that this was NOT a British intelligence document, as it purported to be – it was obvious from the use of English that it was of foreign origin.

Minded this was some years ago when not only was the intertnet less sophisticated than it is today but also my abilities to use the internety were far from competent. Therefore firstly I contacted an associate with long term experience of British Intel. and asked him if he inclined to my belief that it was a fake or at best very suspect document – he did!

We then, together with another associate, more conversant than I with the internet/Google etc., and we set out, with 3 different passages from the document, with a very allien form of words, to see if we could trace other uses of these passages. It took us some 5-6hrs. to trace and confirm our suspicions.

We were absolutely certain the original version of the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ was written by an Iraqi student at Berkeley California, where he had submitted the document some 12 years earlier as his Phd. thesis (It may have been MA thesis).

As soon as were certain of our facts I contacted first Daniel Foggo, but he felt there was no way he could keep the lid on it for his paper which did not publish until Sunday, he suggested I contact TV News – which I did, contacting Jon Snow on Channel 4 News and at 1830hrs when Jon Snow had confirmed they were running with the information I had supplied I called a contact on the Newsnight program & outlined the story asking him to have the lead for that night call me back – Kirsty Walk called and I gave her the details which she asked me to confirm by eMail, which I did and she held a copy of that eMail throughout that night’s program with her additional notes written on it having checked the story and links I had supplied.

It is on these grounds and far more that I KNOW to be facts about the lies of Tony Blair and his team that took these United Kingdoms into a dishonest and unjust war based upon dishonest briefings to Parliament and also the dishonest briefing of Colin Powell, who was the US envoy to the UN, by Jack Straw – ideed I endorse the prosecution of the self serving liar Tony Blair and numerous members of his corrupt team in Governance related to the duplicity, dishonesty and invalidity of engaging in war against Iraq.


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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