CHILCOT INQUIRY Is A Disgrace – Looks Like Cover-Up


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.


The Iraq War was done in your name, with your money. Join us in demanding answers.

The Chilcot Inquiry was commissioned in 2009, to establish the facts surrounding Britain’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. The publicly funded inquiry interviewed more than 100 people, including the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The inquiry was concluded by Sir John Chilcot in 2011, but still Britain’s political establishment refuses to release it. On Tuesday, 20th January 2015, the BBC stated that the report is now not due to be released until AFTER the UK General Election.

This isn’t good enough. We deserve answers.

We demand the immediate release of the Chilcot Report, so the British public can know the truth about the Iraq War which cost the British people £10bn, 179 British soldiers’ lives, and mired a country in division and terror for the foreseeable future.

The Iraq Body Count website estimates that up to 151,000 civilians lost their lives as a result of the conflict. This was done in your name, with your money.


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I am happy to add to that the FACT that the dodgey dossier presented by John Scarlet was not only a total fraud but that Tony Blair was aware it was not just unsound but was not valid intel and had been plagiarised and ‘sexed up’ + the claim that it was British intel. this was a lie and known to be a lie but it supported the dishonest position and ambitions of Tony Blair and his senior Cabinet members.

The irrefutable fact that it was NOT genuine intel and was a deliberate copy of an earlier foreign report ‘sexed up’ by UK to suit Blair’s ambitions was shown and proved by myself with the help of two others – information supplied to Channel 4 News and Kirsty Walk of Newsnight by me personally and researched confirmed and broadcast by them.

I believe on these facts alone that there is a prima faci case to charge Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, senior civil servants and politicians in his cabinet and elsewhere with War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and deliberate lies to Parliament, the electorate our allies an our monarch.

There is also suitable evidence of Mens Rea adequate to justify prosecution if there is any pretence whatsoever that the Chilcot Inquiry is of any relevance – there have been 100s of witnesses and 100ss of functionaries involved in the inquiry and it has dragged on for longer than the war it is investigating – during those 6 years John Chilcot personally has claimed around £1,000,0000 in salary and expenses – imagine the total costs!

The fact that the inquiry has failed to date to produce its report and has given no undertaking to produce same by any given date it looks very much as if it is being deliberately orchestrated to effect a cover-up of the criminal actions of Tony Blair and his Government associates.

I contend that the failure to acqut their duty timeously is a classic example of Justice delayed is justice denied on a disgracefull level and in betrayal of the peoples of Britain, particularly those who were seemingly used as mercenaries to Blair’s ambitions and the many who died.




Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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