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The Caliber of Politicians MUST Be Near Rock Bottom




I guess Richard is having a hard time accepting that very few people with ability, competence and actual technical skills, as needed for real politics, are remotely interested in the job any more!


Monday 27 October 2014

000a Truss-027 BBC.jpg

This woman doesn’t have the first idea of what the 2050 emissions target really means. Watch this video for the bit when she claims that it doesn’t involve complete decarbonisation of electricity because the target is seeking only an 80 percent emissions reduction.

Yet this creature is Secretary of State for the Environment, a person supposedly in charge of our response to “climate change”. Could a Secretary of State be so ignorant? Need you ask?

Another own goal for Mr Cameron.

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It is astonishing that David Cameron was so stupid as to fire Owen Paterson and replace him with this embarrassing light weight of so little ability, however modern politics is near bereft of competence because who would want to be called MP with so little power or authoeity and so much spin and all with so little privacy!



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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