IN MEMORIAM of Those Who Died At Sharpeville 1960 & others.


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at the commemoration 52 years later it was all so very different with interlock pavements, tarmac roads and of course school uniforms – some call that progress.

Now in 2014 54 years later we should remember them:

March 21




Death and injury toll

The official figure is that 69 people were killed, including 8 women and 10 children, and 180 injured, including 31 women and 19 children.

Many were shot in the back as they turned to flee.

Reasons for firing

Police reports in 1960 claimed that young and inexperienced police officers panicked and opened fire spontaneously, setting off a chain reaction that lasted about forty seconds. It is likely that the police were nervous as two months before the massacre nine constables had been murdered under similar circumstances at Cato Manor.

In addition, nearly all policemen present had received no previous training regarding the control of mob disturbances.

Most of them had already been coping with the situation for over twenty-four hours without respite.[7] Lieutenant Colonel Pienaar, the commanding officer of the police reinforcements at Sharpeville, said in his statement that “the native mentality does not allow them to gather for a peaceful demonstration. For them to gather means violence.”

He also denied giving any order to fire and stated that he would not have done so.


June 16



 SOUTH AFRICA 16-Jun-1976 02 SOWETO 01

The Cillie Commission of Enquiry clsimed 575 people died in the SOWETO uprising of 1976 where Police action resulted in 451 deaths. 3 907 people were injured.

Though there are claims that there were in excess of 1,500 deaths across South Africa in related incidents.



June 16



 SOUTH AFRICA 16-Jun-2012 03

Aug 16



 SOUTH AFRICA 16-Aug-2012 04 MARIKANA 01

44 striking miners at Marikana Mine near Krugersdorp, outside Johannesburg, South Africa were massacred and at least 78 others were injured as a result of violent and aggressive policing by the heavily armed South African Police.

Some will be sufficiently observant to note that our Politicians are as ever serving their own interests rather than the people’s, in the Western World also.


As we commemorate the 100th. anniversary of World War I where 37 Million lives were lost  putting a stop to German ambitions to dominate a largely unified centralised and militarised Europe.

We also remember the 60>85 Million who lost their lives as a result of German efforts yet again to create a centrally controlled, undemocratic militaristic EUrope in World War II including The Holocaust & genocide.

We note the attempts of the largely undemocratic EU dominated by Germany yet again to impose a centrally controlled Greater EUrope and most recently note the catastrophy of EU interference in such sovereign states as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia, Egypt, Mali, Chad, Syria and now Crimea and The Ukrain.

On a more local scale we note the economic illiteracy of Gordon Brown and New Labour and the resultant economic crash they orchestrated largely in pursuit of Tony Blair’s ambitions and lies and their legacy, not least of which was the squandering of £Billions of tax payers money on bailing out first their cronies and then their backers and supporters in banking.

We now watch in horror as the Government makes every effort to impose the EU’s undemocratic will on the largely unwilling British people to construct the EU vanity project of HS2 which has no apparent finite cost nor compelling benefit whilst it will clearly dissadvantage not only the areas through which it passes but also those which it does not service.

We need only consider for a moment the obscene damage done to these United Kingdoms not only by widening highways and increasing bridge strengths for the EU to impose its grossly oversized lorries but also the massive damage done by flooding in the last few months as a result of so called green policies and wetland control, undemocratically imposed by the EU.


What goes around comes around with even the once wealth Western World slipping into different sectors of society and massive wealth for the ruling clique and their immediate claque over the increasingly impoverished masses – As we lose our fundamental human rights of self determination and police force against protest at abuse of the people it gets more like Sharpeville in March 1960 day on day!



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