Enoch Powell’s 1969 Interview with David Frost


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may I commend to you the excellent interview of Enoch Powell MP in 1969 by David Frost:

Would that we had interviewers of the caliber of David Frost, Richard Dimbleby, Robin Day & their ilk functioning in our media nowadays in Britain and had we such perhaps we would have the good fortune to have politicians and statesmen of the intellect, erudity & stature of Enoch Powell.

I guess a dumbbed-down people get the shoddy interviewers and low grade politicians they deserve!

That the peoples have been dumbbed-down is clear from the low grade output of popular & populist media and that British politicians no longer hold sway in the creation of law having surrendered that duty to the undemocratic & corrupt EU.

May I also commend to you Enoch Powell’s excellent and prescient speech during the House of Commons Debate of 25-Feb-1970 in which he warned in detail of the dangers posed by joining the EU, dangers we have now all seen to be true.
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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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