Politically Correct Language Destroys Pride, Respect & History!.

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South Dakota Aims To Change ‘Negro’ And ‘Squaw’ Geographic Location Names


Reuters  |  Posted: 04/29/2013 1:26 pm EDT  |  Updated: 04/29/2013 2:50 pm EDT


By Carey Gillam

April 29 (Reuters) – South Dakota is finding it difficult to change time-worn names of locations that are seen as offensive by African-Americans and Native Americans, such as “Negro” and “squaw” creeks, canyons and mountain ridges.

The state issued a plea this month for public assistance in renaming five geographic features. The five are part of a total of 18 sites that include the word “squaw” or “Negro” in their names and have been designated by the legislature as needing renaming.

But some of the replacement names suggested by the South Dakota Board of Geographic Names have been rejected by an obscure federal body called the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

“It is hard for us to come up with a good name,” said June Hansen, a member of the South Dakota Board of Geographic Names. Tops on the list for renaming are places known for decades as “Negro Wool Ridge” and “Negro Gulch,” landmarks that in their early history were known by a different “n” word, said Hansen.

An effort to rename Negro Creek to Medicine Mountain Creek failed to garner approval of the federal body, for instance.

“There is some pretty strict criteria for what the name has to be,” said Hansen.

The federal board says that names should center on local history, folklore, events or natural aspects of the area, and says names cannot duplicate others attached to geographic features in South Dakota or nearby states.

The federal body does not consider the word “Negro” to be offensive, said Lou Yost, its executive secretary. Similarly squaw is not a problem for the federal board, though the three-letter shortened version of Japanese is, Yost said.

South Dakota is one of about a dozen U.S. states that in recent years have attempted to alter location names that include the word Negro or other terms that today are considered insulting to certain ethnic groups or minorities. Minnesota, Oregon, Idaho, Florida, Maine, Montana and North Carolina all have taken up the issue.

The U.S. Census Bureau said this year that after more than a century of use, it will drop the word “Negro” as a description for black Americans in its surveys. Instead census forms will use “black” or “African-American.”

In South Dakota, the process of name-changing started in 2001. The state has so far successfully renamed 20 sites deemed to carry offensive names, many of them reflective of the large population of Sioux American Indians who live in South Dakota. Little Squaw Creek has become Badger Clark Creek, for instance.

But the years of ongoing work have prompted some criticism that the state has taken political correctness too far.

Jay Vogt, a member of the state renaming board, admits the process has been time-consuming. But he said it is important.

“It is easy for us not in the shoes of someone who has had racial slurs used against them… not to understand. But we need to step back and take a look and be sensitive,” Vogt said.

The South Dakota board asked a Sioux tribe official to help rename many areas and is seeking public input now on those suggestions. Little Squaw Humper Table would become Tahc’a Okute Aglehan C’ikala, and Squaw Humper Dam would become Tahc’a Okute Mni Onaktake.

Some board members say they cannot pronounce the new names and it is not certain they will be approved by the U.S. board. But J.R. LaPlante, chairman of the South Dakota naming board, said they will work just fine and will underscore the “cultural lesson” of the region.

“They will get used to it eventually,” he said. (Reporting By Carey Gillam; Editing by Greg McCune and Andre Grenon)

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To which I believed the appropriate response was:


how ridiculous – surely the American Indian peoples who followed on as the second wave of hominids to populate America must be proud of the Squaws who made a name for themselves and put their peoples on the European invaders maps for all time, just as the black and coloured peoples who made the history of the Americas so rich must value their long tradition as noted negro stock who had moved on from the misery of enslavement by their African tribal lords to eventual freedom and in some instances great wealth and power in the new world.

That the word ‘nigger’ is a derivation from the Spanish word for black, as in The Rio Negra of Brazil or The Black River which joins The Rio Amazonas’ mud red waters, just down stream from Manaus in a most impressive collision of natural colours that take many miles down river before fully mixed.

How proud they must be that their status is recognised as free men, eventually liberated from their capture and enslavement as chattels by their black bretheren in Africa, that in their new land some were recognised and had landmarks and beauty spots named after them.

As a mere Limey, honkey, white, Caucasian, red neck, Brit I find the inadequacy of some peoples such that they seek to bear a chip on their shoulder and deny their proud history contemptible.

Let us not forget far more derogatory terms, where peoples are generalised such as Kaffir meaning ‘non believer’ or Israeli when in fact one is a Palestinian!

There is nothing whatsoever derogatory about my being called a Limey or a Brit, the latter being no more than a slang abbreviation for British as with Paki for Pakistani, Jap for Japanese orZim for Zimbabwe.

Clearly political correctness as a form of deliberate mischief making has become a weapon in the hands of rascals – almost on a par with the fatuous abuse of language that demeans homosexuals by the pretence they are in some way ‘gay’ when clearly they are not having a staggeringly high instance of AIDS, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and an exeptionally high suicide rate – That The Frankfurt School, as set up by The KGB (now FSB) of the USSR encouraged so as to use the device of Political Correctness to undermine and sabotage Western Civilisation by the pretence that though a normal occurance in the population at a rate of between 1.5 & 3% of the population homosexuality was clearly perverse to the norm and thus an accepted perversion.

That institutions that are the fabric of society like marriage are debased and demeaned by these perversions being able to call their long term relationships, few that there are, marriage is a rather pathetic extension of the evils of Political Correctness!”

Call me what you want if it makes you feel more important, but lets face it, like the name calling in a children’s playground it very soon dies out if there is no response!

If you are of African or part African stock be proud of your ancestors, as many Brits are, and celebrate the fact that before the mischief makers of Political Correctness started making you feel ashamed your ancestors were known as Niggers and claimed to be of Negro stock.




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