EU Budget Fudge is No Done Deal Mr. Cameron!
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for all the puff and praise by the British media for the alleged deal negotiated by David Cameron and the claimed reduction of The EU budget that it is spuriously claimed that HE achieved – The result is little more than a catastrophe.

Firstly the reduction is a paultry 3% on the proposed increased figure and is thus clearly NOT a reduction.

Secondly Britain’s tax payable to The EU is likely to rise NOT fall and will still be in excess of £50Million a day, each and every day of the year!

Thirdly during the period since the last budget was set due to the utterly dishonest introduction of Quantitive Easing introduced by the last British administration who were economic illiterates and profligately degenerate the value of ‘The Pound in your pocket’ has fallen by around 40% in real purchasing power.

Fourthly due to fudges and subsidies the value of The EUro has been falsely adjusted making the EUro seem more valuable than it is in reality against the £ and other currencies.

All in all the so called deal means a massive increase in British contribuition towards the utterly undemocratic and corrupt EU scam.

Finally in reality the ‘deal’ is not done as The EU pretend parliament and the self serving, self enriching scoundrells who vote there, the MEPs, have yet to vote and there is every reason to believe they will vote against the proposed so called deal. The MEPs are in fact proposing to overturn any meaningful concept of democratic representation of the interests of the so called electorate by holding the vote in secret!

Consider the article below by Mary Ellen Synon – one of the better informed journalists who tends not to follow the inane jingo such as that of journalists/propagandists at The Guardian, BBC, Telegraph, Times and the various lower grade papers that tend not to have journalists and seem to rewrite press releases or articles from the internet and call it journalism!

EU Budget: Beware the European Parliament’s veto power

26 Comments 8 February 2013 16:29
European parliament president Martin Schulz. Picture: Getty

European parliament president Martin Schulz. Picture: Getty

James Forsyth seems as happy as any Tory today, cheered by David Cameron’s prowess in the EU Budget negotiations. Even better for Cameron, he says, is the idea that the European Parliament might veto the deal in a secret vote: this is ‘absurd,’ just a rumour. Even if it does happen, it will only point up how spendthrift the EU really is. All good for Cameron.

Except from where I’m sitting in the European Council press room, it doesn’t look at all absurd that the parliament might veto Cameron’s ‘victory’ budget deal. Martin Schulz, the unpleasant German socialist president of the European Parliament, is looking for a fight on this. And the new powers the Lisbon Treaty gives the parliament over the budget means Schulz can do just that.

He was at the council last night, warning the leaders of the member states not to cut the budget.  More to the point, he says he has done a count of the political groups at the parliament, and they tell him a budget at the lower figure won’t get through the parliament. He says the leaders of the same political groups told him that they have already initiated the procedure required to ensure that the vote on the budget is taken by secret ballot.

Yes, I know, outrageous. But the parliament has the power to do it. And far from being ashamed, the MEPs will hail a secret vote as a democratic protection against  ‘dangerous’ and ‘nationalist’ pressures on MEPs from their home governments.

So, as I say, the parliament trying to veto Cameron’s ‘triumph’ is something stronger than a rumour. But if it’s rumour you want, try this: a confrontation with the Council is part of Schulz’s plan to be the next president of the European Commission. He appears to want to present himself as the champion of – typical left-winger – solidarity, which he calls ‘the key value underpinning the European Union’. If he can line himself up as the anti-Cameron, there are enough ‘anti-nationalists’ who would want him to lead the Commission as insurance against any increase of Council powers at the expense of the Commission.

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Mary Ellen Synon is based in Brussels as a columnist at the Irish Daily Mail and contributor to the Mail on Sunday.


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