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in the light of today’s trial of the Labour MP Margaret Moran for the theft of £53,000 from the public purse, isn’t Moran derived from the Irish for moron, used to identify the village idiot?

Who are the idiots here – as it is we the tax payers who permit these cheats, liars & scoundrels to endlessly get away with their criminal behaviour.

These low lifes make the laws we have to obey – well actually they used to but now they do nothing as the laws are made by the undemocratic EU and imposed. Our MPs no longer have a job or any relevance – they are just a rather odious breed of parasites akin to The BBC & much of the civil service & the ill mannered bullying plebs in the police farce.

I wonder when Denis McShane, Stuart Agnew, David Bannerman and even Derek Clark of UKIP will face trial for the money they purloined and will all be expected to repay the money they falsely claimed as Derek Clark was! – the serial liar Derek Clark can hardly claim exemption from justice on the grounds of being geriatric, liar that we know him to be, as he is still claiming his bribes as a UKIP MEP whilst totting up value for his obscenely generous pensionas and assisting the sordid EU scam, even supporting the Pan EU Politicall EFD Group of racists, bigots, anti homosexuals, anti Jews and corrupt EU trash Nigel Farage is the leader of!



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