The Beatles ‘Love Me Do‘ released 50 years ago today!
“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)



Hi,today – Friday 05-Sept-1962 was the day on which the original Beatles line up, before Ringo Starr joined the group, released their first single.

It is the 50th anniversary of the release of Love Me Do:

Today is also the anniversary of the iconic British series of James Bond films with the release of Sean Connery as James Bond in the film ‘Dr. NO
It is also the actual day today of the inagural conference of the new British political partyWe Demand A Referendum‘ I shall campaign and support the campaign to ‘Let The People Decide‘  based on the FACTS provided by a Royal Commission with no additional commitment to The EUand no further payments until AFTER The IN / OUT Referendum is held with equal funding and equal media coverage for both sides and absolutely NO interference from corrupt external sources such as The EU and its puppets.I shall campaign and support a NO vote launched today since it is the 50th. anniversary of Doctor NO let us hope when we Leave-The-EU it will prove as great a success as James Bond!

Good luck to Nikki Sinclaire and her team in their campaign for a referendum – just as with The Beatles 50 years ago – who would have expected such a huge success – I did when I bought my copy of the 45rpm single Love Me Do with ‘PS I Love You’ on the flip side, on the day it was released in Germany where I lived at the time or back at school in Bristol, which I can’t remember as I was 16 and much has happened since!

I do well remember that at the time I was vehemently opposed to Britain ever joining the then EEC (EUropaische Wirtschaft Gemeinschaft!)

Today I’m looking forward to the start of something big that 50 years on will be seen as the great turning point in British history when the people of Britain started to stand on their own feet once more with the determination to excerciswe their fundamental human right of ‘Self Determination‘ sickened by the betrayal of their Country, their ancestors, their descendants and themselves by their low caliber self serving, self enriching politicial elite and their corrupt Civil Servants and State Broadcasters.

The new Movement has been launched as a political party not to gain seats but to comply with Electoral Commission law and gain influence and today with almost 1/4 Million signatures and a House of Commons debate already achieved having only launched the movement formally just a couple of weeks ago to get anything over 100 to attend their inagural conference at Westminster Hall will be a great step forward today.


Already Nikki Sinclaire has been on radio today promoting her team and their aims.

I hope all goes well for them and their genuine supporters – there will of course be many who after years of being paid £Millions to achieve this great step will be embarrassed at their total failure to deliver who will snipe and detract from the achievement and seek every way they can to denigrate it just as there will be many a ‘band wagon’ jumper trying to pretend it is their achievement just as UKIP leadership did as they paraded up and down outside Parliament at Westminster whilst the debate Team Sinclaire had achieved went on inside!


Greg L-W.
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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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