#G0655* – How the Hollie GREIG ‘STORIES’ Have Grown!


There is a claim on the internet that a Police Report is being quoted that shows  ‘The Truth in Hollie Greig Case’ and also ‘The Truth about Denis MaxKie’.

Clearly it does nothing of the sort as it lacks any form of evidence or reason for the irresponsible gossip reported in the ‘claimed’ Police text extracted and presented!

Judge for yourselves:

19TH May 2012
Dear Sir
New evidence has come to light in the form a public information request from Shropshire Council. I attach a copy of page (No. redacted) Ref 8th May 2007 from which it is noted that my husband Denis Mackie and son Greg Mackie have a predilection for very young girls. It would therefore appear that the police does have information in relation to my husband and son’s activities, which has only just come to light. As you are aware, I have for many years been attempting to prove and uncover a systematic campaign of abuse of my daughter Hollie at the hands of not only my husband and son, but also other members of the community in the Aberdeen area.
Though I have suffered physical abuse from my husband, which is recorded in hospital records and my doctors own records, I have never been able to prove against my husband or my son (other than lewd and libidinous behavior regarding my son), or any of their multifarious activities in this area. It would appear the police now have information, which refers to such activities. see below.

Intel found they have a predeliction towards Very young girls
I therefore wish to make a formal complaint against my husband and my son in relation to their peadophile behavior towards my daughter Hollie and for the police to investigate all matters concerning the same.
Can you please acknowledge safe receipt of my letter and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Anne Greig

Response from West Mercia


I found this to be yet another example of extrapolation beyond the plausible!

I incline to doubt the letter was written by Anne Greig as it has few similarities of style to letters she has previously written, though I concede it may well have been written for her on her behalf.

Interesting that the cult is still feeding from the corpse of this long dead and discreditted story.
Yet again we have views & opinions delivered as evidence – NO this is just yet more representation of febrile and unsubstantiated comments.

Were there ANY valid, sustainable, admissible and corroborated evidence that there was ANY sexual abuse of Hollie Greig I would be leading the battle for exposure & retribution as I was until I realised that IO had been lied to and misled by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

That there was NO evidence of any sustainable nature became apparent as with the unsustainable fantasies presented surrounding Robert (Roy) Greig’s suicide.

Having been misled, whether deliberately or due to mental health issues on the part of the inventors & promoters of the ‘STORIES’ it became apparent that they would go to any length to misrepresent and defame to promote their fantasies as with low lifes like Matt Quinn who could not help themselves climbing onto the now rolling band waggon to present themselves as important in the inadequacy of their shavng mirrors – the story became about their self important egos and the likes of Robert Green responded to the praise of idiots seeking to denigrate the society that all too often fed them!

The lack of integrity or any ethical standards of these people became all too apparent as they explloited the situation for their own gain.

I do NOT believe that Hollie Greig was sexually abused nor her uncle’s death was other than suicide based on the total lack of evidence to support the ‘STORIES’ and the vile claque who then used cyber abuse to promote their fantasies!

After several years of both leading & following in the ‘STORIES’ I can only apologise for my trust and naivite at the outset and remain to establish justice and clear the names of those falsely accused as both fantasy abusers and fantasy victims.

There is ZERO substantive evidence of sexual abuse nor any other physical abuse of Hollie Greig or her Uncle.

The abuse of Hollie Greig has been by such as Matt Quinn, David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie, Robert Green in the exploitation of this sad figure.

The good news is two fold – firstly that the poor girl was NOT sexually abused and secondly that it is clear she has little or no understanding of what is meant by what is said and published about her.

I hope this helps in the understanding of this situation and I am happy to discuss ANY detail, where I can help, with anyone who contacts me in their own name with a provable address, identity and land line number.

It would of course be all too easy to line by line fisk the letter from Anne Greig and that of the police or for that matter the strange and irresponsible alledged report quoted!


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