I’ve just read this study in stupidity regarding UKIP & The EU in none other than Tribune – The article is so very simplistic, so very biased and so very fundamentally anti British I guess it could only have been written by an ex Labour EUrope Minister in protection of his EU Pensions and those of the rest of the cadre of self enriching EU Parasites – little wonder he is a Polish / Scot!

by Denis MacShane Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Quote The late Julian Critchley was the Conservative MP who invented the concept of the “Garageiste Tendency” to describe hard-line Tory MPs who had made money by selling cars and wanted Margaret Thatcher to be even more right-wing than she was. Now let us all welcome the “Farageiste Tendency” – the group of hardline Tories who want Britain to quit the European Union, seek the unilateral renegotiation of EU treaties to weaken workers’ or women’s rights, or force David Cameron to organise a plebiscite with a view to withdrawal.
One hundred and twenty Tory MPs – a majority of non-payroll Conservative backbenchers – have formed a group calling for a referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU. They echo the UK Independence Party leader and MEP Nigel Farage, to whom it seems the BBC has almost given staff status, so often is he on television and radio as an anti-EU propagandist. Farage is to the Conservatives what Ted Knight was to Labour. Tory MPs may not be paying UKIP membership subscriptions but they are infiltrating Farage’s philosophy deep into their party and government. Conservative ministers are in a bind.
For more than a decade, David Cameron, William Hague and Liam Fox all used vivid language to denounce Europe. Hague made openly xenophobic jokes about Germans or the French. Mocking our European friends is time-honoured and they give as good as they get when describing “les Rosbifs”. But Hague’s language had an uglier edge. It still has. Last week, he used the extreme metaphor of saying the eurozone is a “burning building with no exit.” At a time when German and Polish leaders were meeting in Warsaw to discuss what to do about Ukraine and Russia, a British politician talking of Europe as a “burning building” was tasteless to say the least.
In order to win the Tory leadership, Cameron entered into a pact with Fox’s supporters. Fox’s price was that the Conservatives should quit the main EU centre-right political family where Tories had worked since Winston Churchill and Harold Macmillan gave birth to Tory Europeanism 60 years ago.

Nick Clegg was on the button when he described Cameron’s and Hague’s new European allies as “nutters, anti-Semites and homophobes”. So the idea that anyone in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, or Warsaw has any interest in anything David Cameron or George Osborne has to say is laughable. For all its problems – and they are many – the EU is the world’s biggest economy. Half the world’s top companies are based in the EU with more coming in to take advantage of its 500 million consumers and £10.3 trillion economy. Of course, China and Brazil, and mono-economies such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, are important. Yet Chinese goods are made in China but by EU or United States firms. The United Kingdom exports more to Ireland than to China – and the Irish are not giving up the euro… etc.

I tend to read Tribune from time to time as it is so much more expensively produced than Private Eye though less informative and trustworthy – but being of a certain age I find The Eye a struggle to read even in good light with glasses!

Tribune though less colourful than Viz is much funnier and less inclined to obscenities although the humour in Tribune passes for serious thought at least it isn’t riddled with obscenities!

Do read the whole of the hapless Denis MacShane’s article parts of it are even funnier!

Let us look at just the last sentence of the extract from Tribune of the idiotic article by Denis MacShane, one time Polish/Scottish British EUropean Minister for the odious and utterly inept and corrupt Labour Government booted out on excellent grounds leaving Britain with £$.2Trillion of debt ALL based on their economic illiteracy and total dishonesty.

Here is an example:

The United Kingdom exports more to Ireland than to China – and the Irish are not giving up the euro.

Clearly this sentence alone is based on dishonesty and seeking to play on the ignorance not only of Labour but of the population at large consider:

The United Kingdom exports more to Ireland than to China

Indeed These United Kingdoms export little to China in our own right as sequential Governments have handed over control of our industry to the malign forces of corruption and profligacy of The EU central control.

British Airo Space & BAE Systems etc. have largely been absorbed into the airo space industry of the EU where the wings are made in one place and the wheels in another, the engines in one location and the fuselage in another and run as a bolt on industry owned in consortia with EU Countries – one of THE most inefficient ways to build anything in the world and by The EU crass maxims of communism aka green idiocy on stilts with so much transport cost and spread of pollution.

None the less, although unprofitably, These UK are a party to this madness and exports planes to China – thus with Airbus Britain exports a great deal to China – not to mention the BRITISH share of payment for such projects as the inopperable and failed Gallilleo Project of which about 50% was sold to China.

I would say that as ever Denis MacShane is being utterly dishonest when he misrepresents the huge amount of trade Britain does with China!

the Irish are not giving up the euro.

Regardless of the democratic wishes of The Irish peoples who promptly fired their domestic politicians for their betrayal of the people – when the Irish peoples had voted NO and a huge amount of EU money was used to buy a re-run and an undemocratic Yes vote was corruptly obtained completely ignoring the rights of self determination and democratic wishes of the peoples.

I presume that as an example of the achievements of such democratic processes Denis MacShane would present Joseph Stalin & Adolph Hitler since both were voted into office by a democratic process – I would be unsurprised to hear him extolling the virtues of such a concept as economic miracles despite the death of some 30Million in The USSR Labour force and starvation and the concepts of IG Faben with their Cadburyesque / Port Sunlight style workers villages though I guess Auschwitz did have a few minor faults!!

I see absolutely no value in these United Kingdoms being shackled to a steadily dieing arcane experiment in communist/socialist social engineering.

Perhaps Denis MacShane, since he quoted him, might care to share with us any single instance where Winston Spencer Churchill advocated these United Kingdoms be subsumed as a vassal region of the malign behemoth of a centralised and undemocratic EU – Just one!

Many will remember WSC stated: Quote “If the choice is join with Europe or take to the open sea this island nation should take to the open sea”.

Regards, Greg_L-W.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Greg L-W.
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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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