it is worth considering why Palestine has made4 application to The UN for Nation status this week.

Many years and many false promises and false dawns have been offered to the peoples of Palestine by the Zionist invaders – Again and again the Zionists have reneged on their promises just as they have reneged on UN agreements and Nuclear agreements.

It must never be forgotten that the invasion of Palestine was a product of Zionist terrorism – including the murder of forces trying to keep the peace, bombing of civilians as with the killings at The King David Hotel, massacres by the Zionist irregulars as in the Sabra and Shatila massacres, the slaughter of 34 men on The USS Liberty and injury of a further 170 – A terrorist force forcing decisions on others by terrorism and gratuitous brutality.

Little wonder that the dispossed and brutalised Palestinians have become more and more militant in their defence against such abuse by such massively over dominant persecutors.

Little wonder the peoples of Palestine seek recognition as a Nation by Ther UN when 127 Countries already recognize them and it is only seriously The Zionists and The USA who wish to denny them their fundamental human rights.

POPULATION 5.5 Million 11 million (7M refugees)
Overall Land Controlled 91.7% 8.3%
Military Personnel 175,000 0
Reserves 500,000 0
Irregulars 10-15,000 3-5,000
Tanks 3,800 0
Artillery 1,500 large 0
Warships 20-30 0
Submarines 6 0
Combat aeroplanes 2,000 0
Nuclear weapons 300 0
GDP $195 billion $4 billion
Military expenditure $10 billion Negligible
Killed (over 63 years) 6,000 75,000
Wounded 20,000 300,000
Abducted/jailed 30 400,000
Homes demolished 0 50,000
Refugees created 0 6,000,000

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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