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One great thing about having a book shop is all of human knowledge and most thought is printed somewhere and when you miss reading it yourself someone points it out to you!

I am not normally an avid reader of ‘Judy’ Magazine for girls of the 1880s but I could be converted – here is a poem from the 28th. August 1889 which shows that little is new.

Please print this out and give out as many copies as you can afford to.
by: Miss J.E. Clarke of Eynsham

Plans for seperation grew worse
than those before,
Then they asked for two Parliaments,
now ’tis three or four.
Only just imagine if Home Rulers
had their way,
And this is something like the tale
the world might hear one day.
“One United Kingdom they fancied
wouldn’t do.
To please some grumbling Irish
they split it into two.
Two little kingdoms, but then the
Scots, you see,
Claimed their ancient throne and
rights, and then there were three.
Three little Kingdoms, and after
that one more,
For Welshmen claimed a parliament,
and then there were four.
Four little Kingdoms wouldn’t do
at all!
One of them was far too big; the
others far too small.
All throughout Great Britain ancient
hates revived.
Cornwall wants to rule herself, and
then there were five.
Five little Kingdoms, but London
in a fix,
Raised the ‘Southern English’ flag,
and then there were six.
Six little Kingdoms, alas! the ‘Home
Rule’ heaven,
Caused a rising in the West, and
then there were seven.
Seven little Kingdoms; Northmen
wouldn’t wait,
But started the Northumbrian state,
and then there were eight.
And the towns that one may visit
by the Eastern Counties line,
Held their own East Anglian Parliament
and then there were nine.
Nine little Kingdoms; the Midlands
people then
Called a parliament themselves,
and then there were ten.
Ten little Kingdoms never could
How to work together, and so
they went free.
Ten little Kingdoms with constitutions
Ten little Kingdoms always in a
Ten little Kingdoms too weak to
stand alone,
A foreign nation conquered them,
and now there were none.

The ‘Regional Policy’ was again published as a method of breaking up Britain into ‘squabbling’ little Assembly Regions of insufficient stature, to ensure dependence on the centre. 

Each little Region being in conflict and competition with its neighbour, ever seeking more pretend power whilst losing control in reality to the central authority – leading to a loss of National identity and a need for subsidy from the centre.

This was published in 1937 in the book ‘The House That Hitler Built’.
‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ was published, as the blue print for ‘The European Economic Community’ in Nazi Berlin in 1942.

Heidrichts 1942 ‘Reichs Plan for the Domination of Europe’ was published late in 1942 in Nazi Germany.

The conference called in Berlin in 1944 was titled ‘How Will Germany Dominate The Peace When It Loses The War’ and it was decided to move a massive block of capital out of Germany through Madrid to hold it in the American economy until needed after the war.

After the Neurenberg Trials this money started to come back into Europe to fund the plan. 

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a senior Nazi Party Official and Waffen SS Officer, was funded to hold a series of conferences in The Hague at The Bilderberg Hotel – the origin of ‘The Bilderberg Group’.

Shortly after this Heidricht’s 1942 ‘Reichs Plan for the Domination of
Europe’ was reworked and re published, now called ‘The Treaty of Rome’.

In return for a cash bribe, believed to have been £35,000 and thinly disguised as ‘The Charlamaigne Prize’, Edward Heath LIED to the peoples of Britain – both on the floor of the House of Commons and in the White Paper stating ‘Signing The Treaty of Rome will lead to no essential loss of National Sovereignty’.

Edward Heath has subsequently confirmed both in the Palace of Westminster and on TV that he LIED and he did so intentionally as he did not believe that the electorate of Britain would vote for the signing of The Treaty of Rome if they knew the truth!

This he was forced to admit on a David Frost interview where he stated that he had lied as he knew if the British peoples knew the truth they would not have voted to ratify the Treatuy of Rome which he had already signed!

Having admitted his dishonesty (effective Treason) Edward Heath was subsequently forced to repeat his admission to Parliament.

By a very small margin the electorate had voted in favour of Ratifying The Treaty of Rome in The Referendum – thereby joining The European Economic Community, better known as The Common Market. 

This act of Treason committed by Edward Heath renders Britain’s signature of The Treaty of Rome by Britain as NULL AND VOID under English Law.

All agreements, contracts and treaties are bound by English Law as it pertained at the time of the inception. English Law states, unequivocally, that should one party to an agreement miss lead another party thereto, in order to obtain their participation therein, said agreement shall be NULL AND VOID.

Britain’s signature on The Treaty of Rome is NOT valid as it was obtained by an act of Treason – and based upon lies, thus there is no need to even consider the silly concepts of subsequent Labour, Tory or Coallition Governments.

This reality is upheld by The Treaty of Vienna on International Treaties.

Blair’s concept of ‘In Europe at the centre and fighting our corner’ is not only tortological rubbish but as sound bites go really silly. Even were our signature valid.

It is as stupid as the slogan from The Tories ‘In EUrope but not ruled by EUrope’ (sort of: ‘In the gas chamber but not inhailling’).

In Europe, as a result of his Government signing The Amsterdam Ammendment, Britain can not fight ANY corner as he has signed away Britain’s right to a veto and accepted QMV [Qualified Majority Voting].

To return to Hague’s concept of ‘In Europe but not ruled by Europe’ is totally dishonest. It has all the logic of joining a cricket club and then insisting on building bunkers on the pitch so that you can play golf. Renegotiation of the European Treaties is expressly forbidden as signed in the treaties.

The Lib. Dims. on the other hand since they will never hold real power in Britain have totally prostituted themselves to the European Union in the hope of gaining some power that way!

Business for Sterling is completely ‘off its chump’ – they have failed to understand the EU, they think you can be in the EU but not join the EUro farce. How do they get around QMV and the various articles that can be used to impose the EUuro whatever the people of Britain want?

BRITAIN IS NOT LEGALLY, AND NEVER HAS BEEN, A MEMBER OF THE EEC or the ‘arbitrarily’ created EUropean Union, which was undemocratically imposed on the peoples of Europe, without vote or consideration, in 1994, when the Commissioners [the corrupt, un elected, dictator committee] decided to scrap the EEC and impose the single Supra National Nation State of EUrope on the vassal regions and peoples so far duped.

They heuristically swept aside the rights and freedoms of the nation states and their peoples to fulfill the obscene dream of a European Empire. Granting themselves ‘Potentate’ Emperor status, immune from law un accountable and pampered in their dictatorial powers. Dispensing favour and reward through their salesmen who sit as MEPs in sybaritic luxury in their  palace.

We now have the spectacle of Cameron promising that there will be a referendum before more power is handed over to The EU – he promised a referendum on The New Constitution, disingenuously renamed The Lisbon Treaty – He lied then and he is telling lies now.

The Lisbon Treaty was passed with barely a murmur from The Tories and an Evil complicity by UKIP, who raised not a finger in defence. The terms of The Lisbon Treaty as signed and sealed, invalid as it is, clearly show there are no powers that are not already in the hands of The EU.

The EU now costs Britain over £48 Million a day and do not be duped into believing that we get much of the money back as EU subsidies because we do NOT – for every £1 we receive from The EU we have paid them £2.60 – also be minded that we also have to comply with matched funding thus for every £1 we may get back for a project we have to cough up another £1 to match it thus £1 of EU cash back costs us £3.60 in most cases and all too often for lame brained ‘degeneration scams’ in town centers or road widening to be compliant with EU standardisation so that massive EU lorries can roll across Britain with enlarged fuel tanks so as not to contribute one cent to The British economy whilst stealing British jobs and supplying foreign goods!

It can only be hoped that a greater number of the British peoples WAKE UP and realise what their duplicitous politicians are doing to them for their own personal gain in their own personal pursuit of perceived power and reward.

Are YOU doing your bit to spread the truth?

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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