Kimberley Big Hole. 
South Africa

Big Hole. 
South Africa

Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the
world, this 1097-meter-deep mine yielded over
three tons of diamonds before being closed.


Glory Hole 
Monticello Dam,  

This is the Glory Hole at Monticello Dam.
This is
the largest in the world of this type of
spillway, its size enabling it to consume 14,400
cubic feet of water every second.

A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity
and water needs to be drained from
the reservoir.


Great Blue Hole


This incredible geographical phenomenon known as
a blue hole is situated 60 miles off the mainland of
There are numerous blue holes around
the world
but none as stunning as this one.


Sinkhole in

This photo is of a sinkhole that occurred February
2007 in
Guatemala .
It swallowed two dozen homes
and killed at least three people.

the really
terrifying one!


This is the famous 
“Rat Hole”
that you have heard about. 

It is capable of swallowing Millions and Millions of
Tax Payers Money annually, never to be heard from

Endless claims from the leading Rats as they stuff their pockets, that they are spending extra £Millions, investing extra £Billions and giving away £Billions to alien regimes and foreign political chums – They HAVE NO MONEY – 
EVERY last penny they boast of squandering they have extorted from British tax Payers or are about to or are borrowing for their own chosen usage in the name of the British peoples, with scant regard for ethics, morality, justice or democracy.

Much of their profligacy is to buy back their jobs using our money at the next election – The Salary Vote , bought and paid for with our money.

These United Kingdoms would be better served with the removal of at least two tiers of useless politicians and their army of Snivil Cervants.

It is reputed to contain at least 600 ass “holes”.

Tax should NEVER be allowed to exceed 20% to ensure incentive is rewarded and Government is never over funded beyond 25% of the population including ALL who draw income from Government including directly paid politicians, Snivil Cervants, Military, Police & the unemployed who are a product of political mismanagement!


This is the famous
International “Rat Hole” 

 that you have heard about.
they are so unwilling to act like
adults that
they just chuck OUR money
at each o
ther & friends
without invoices, receipts or morality.

Possibly THE Most Evil Union of Rats on The Plantet betraying and cheating some 500,000,000 bonded labourers in 27 over taxed vassal States in denial of the fundamental Human Right of Self Determination and denied ANY meaningfull Democracy in denial of liberty, sovereignty or Justice.

Greg L-W.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

Make your vote count vote:
INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
or Write on YOUR ballot Paper 
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