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‘He’ as you will have realised is myself!

Oh. He’s[I] not[/I] a ‘Kipper. Being a minority party I obviously know a lot less about UKIP than I do the establishement parties.

The title YOU chose for the thread would tend to indicate prejudice rather than knowledge of party principles and economics.

I admit that I skim read his previous post, Major, since it was pretty much an angry rant, hard to follow when someone rants like that.

Perhaps that would explain why you found it hard to follow – try not to skim read it leads to misunderstandings.

My error was also based on the fact that this ‘independent’ sure seems to rant and write like most ‘Kippers that I have read on forums.

I am glad you have noticed a level of commitment and passion in the patriotic well being of our country amongst some, including myself.

That, plus his links in his sig.

I am so glad you found the time to read the links as clearly they are VERY broad based and provide a huge amount of factually supported information for you.

As I say, I am not as familiar with UKIP as I am other parties,

Then may I respectfully suggest you serve yourself ill by skim reading and leaping to accusatory conclusions!

however, it would not surprise me if their founder, and most of their membership, are disgruntled Tories, who, as far as I know, have no plans to leave the EU?

I understand from reading and studying political parties over best part of half a century that the backing of UKIP is almost equally ex Tory & Labour with a strong endorsement from Lib.Dims. who have been so betrayed by their party. That their leader is something of a spiv. with the attributes of a cartoon ‘Tory Boy’ tends rather to mislead.

There is a lot of EU bashing on here, yet, there must be[B] some[/B] benefit to it,

Have you studied the values, beliefs of the British peoples as reflected by the polls – perhaps a glance at [URL=”htt://TheMidnightGroup.blogspot.com”]htt://TheMidnightGroup.blogspot.com[/URL] would help as the results of various polls are readily available.

Perhaps as an excercise you could list the benefits of membership of the centralised, undemocratic, profligate over regulated EU for these United Kingdoms which could be justified in your most fancifull dream worth paying £48 Million a day for 365 days a week – try to show just ONE benefit perhaps!

at least in the eyes of our present Government, otherwise they would surely leave it, would they not – especially at a time when they are cutting costs.

You overlook just how venal and useless our Government has become and is – we have had 13 unlucky years of economic illiteracy and near criminal damage to Britain – do note that the Tories sat upon their hands as did the rump Lib.Dims.

You will have realised that Westminster is merely a rubber stamping office for EU diktat undemocratically imposed – under the terms of The EUropean Communities Act sectyion 2 part 2 or section one part 1 (sorry can’t remember which) clearly states that it is the duty of the Minister concerned to enact into British law EU diktat whether by Order in Council or Statutory Instrument – which may explain why more Law is enacted when Parliament is in recess than when in session.

This leads to about 82% of ALL law enacted at Westminster being undebated, in any meaningfull terms, and enacted by diktat – that the balance of ALL law is enacted must be compliant with EU law – thus Westminster no longer has any meaningfull duties or role.

Much hot air and a liberal dose of duplicitous window dressing is the only output of the EU.

I would agree with you that reforms of the police are probably needed.


I have always found them a dissapointment.

I believe few would disagree with you.

I can cite examples, if you or anyone else cares me to do so. [I]What[/I] would I reform?

Examples are easy to note perhaps you would care to cite the 37 summary executions carried out against citizens leading to murder for which no police officer has been on trial despite the indisputable unlawfull murders.

Well, there has to be greater consistancy in the way that they go about their business, that would be a start.

Indeed it would – for them to carry out that business atall in the manner the British public require would be quite a good start!

May just be me, but I thought they were there to apply the law of the land equally and without predjudice.

It is convincing these out of control oaffs of this fact that would be the place to start. Currently they are on ALL counts unfit for purpose and as for remuneration and reward I totally agree with Major S.

I don’t believe that their function is to apply it as and when[B] they[/B] see fit, to[B] who[/B] they see fit.

They have become a force answerable to their own remit designed and carried out in house.

Many police officers that I have come across are pretty thick!

A masterfull understatement in my experience.

I was required to give a statement about three years ago, and, during this I was asked what frame of mind a person was in. I considered the question before answering ‘I would describe them as being aloof’. The two officers, one male, one female, both aged about 21, they looked at one another as if I had just landed from Mars. After a short pause they replied ‘How do you spell that?’. I told them. Then they asked me what it MEANT!!! I find that unacceptable.

Sadly I do not believe that it would be easy to find individuals who would not replicate your experience.

It is just one example, Major, but it illustrates my view of the police very well.

I do agree.

Talk of 5% reduction per annum are sadly risible already there has been a reduction of between 35-45% reduction engineered during the later part of the economically illiterate 13 unlucky years – achieved by reduction of the purchasing power of the £.

Currently the obscene debt incurred by Gordon Brown’s incompetence will ensure further collapse of our currency only outspripped by The EUro with every likelihood of a total collapse of currency value in EUrope due to the complete incompetence of the EU to address or even understand the enormity of the EU’s financial crisis with no exports that are not over priced on a world market.

Britain can and could achieve a measure of self sufficiency despite the criminal irresponsibility of surrendering control of our borders to the malevollent EU. Leading irrefutably to the influx of economic alien invasion and gross over population – no invasion in history has represented such an influx of foreigners be they aliens from The EU – Africa or the Indian sub continent.

Whether parliament will be honest and point out that the police will have to join EVERY Government employee on 1/3 of the income they currently have or merely devalue to hide the fact is one of the great conundrums of the immediate future!

IF the police can not cope with the reality then it seems we will slide into bankruptcy at an escalating rate with an increasing degree of anarchic criminality.

I do hope you can cope with understanding my ‘rant’ but do excuse my increasing anger as I learn ever more of the enormity of the betrayal of these United Kingdoms by its utterly incompetent and frequently corrupt politicians and Snivil Cervants!

It is my belief that if our politicians lack the intelligence to realise that by failing to extricate ourselves from the EU RAPIDLY then I believe there is every possibility of around 200,000,000 deaths in famine, disease and the wars of dissassociation across EUrope where there Channel will do little to save us.


Is Britain so very different from the rest of the Western World?

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), 

Greg L-W.

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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