#G290* – The Demise of the EUro & Collapse of the EU?


The Demise of the EUro & Collapse of the EU?
EU President Herman Van Rompuy has admitted:
‘the Euro was a dangerous project from the beginning and that the European man on the street was not warned about its potential problems’
Van Rompuy admitted this as the Greek debt crisis threatens to bring down the banking system and even the economies of other Countries – particularly the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland & Greece), and with the single currency continuing to weaken against the pound and the dollar, there are three schools of thought:
01. The end will be swift and brutal and could occur by August – this would be the solution with the least colateral damage to the peoples of Europe and their alies with the remaining solvent economies re-launching their National currencies and transfering their loans to a single titular EUro used as the ‘parity stick’ for all currencies dealing in or with EU vassal states.
02. The EUro continuing to slide against a much weakened USDollar with the £ anchored between the two, as clearly Britain’s currency is in a dire position due to the obscene level of debt incurred during the 13 unlucky years of Labour misrule and economic illiteracy, it is unreasonable to expect the two clowns to be able to rectify the situation if Britain remains in the EU.
03. France & Germany decide to throw EVERYTHING at trying to maintain their currency the EUro, which was a construct of THEIR Eurrope as displayed in The Treaty of Elysee which was clearly the controlling body of the completely fake Union, a construct for the benefit of the Germano Frankish tribes to assett strip ALL their neighbours and centralise governance by stealth.
IF this latter course is taken the collapse will be delayed but will be awesome in its devastation and will leave 400,000,000 people floundering as yet again the proposed leaders leg it at speed to the Argentine and elsewhere with all the booty they can transport.
Europe will be without food, stripped of its status as a food producer by the CAP, without a currency and fighting for control of the corpse!
On Tuesday, the former Belgian premier now President of the failing EU admitted the criminality he and others had engaged in when he said:
“Nobody ever told the proverbial man in the street that sharing a single currency was not just about making peoples’ lives easier when doing business or travelling abroad, but also about being directly affected by economic developments in the neighbouring countries.”
He also confessed:
“Today, people are discovering what a ‘common destiny’ in monetary matters means. They are discovering that the euro affects their pensions, savings, and jobs, their very daily life. It hurts.”
Like the rest of these self serving and self enriching criminal idiots we note he lacked the ethics, morality or the  humility to say ‘sorry’ as he hopes no doubt with his corrupt cronies to keep the entire scam going long enough to ensure their security and continued wealth at our expense.
This yet again shows the incredible danger of Party Politics where they collectively collude in criminality in the name of the Party putting Party before people, arrogance before assimilation and their own greed before guidance and good governance, self interest before simple common sense!
IF we are to emerge it must be as INDEPENDENT Sovereign States offering their peoples Self Determination and the right to trade INDEPENDENTLY at the smallest viable unit globally with localised decision making in the interest of the people effected – Thus The INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance is clearly the only moral; way forward, the 18th. Century Party system with its 19th. Century solutions and 20th. Century greed has betrayed and failed us.
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