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The Roots of New Labour
The past lives of Labour Ministers have long been sanitised and many biographies that include their shady communist and Marxist pasts are inaccessible or removed from the net. The truth about these guys is similar to discovering that leading Tories were members of the Nazi Party. If you are a British voter and do not think that this is important then I despair for British politics.

Peter Mandelson:
“Mr Mandelson was born into a Labour family – his grandfather was a Labour Cabinet minister Herbert Morrison – but he rebelled and joined the Young Communist League after Labour supported the United States’ intervention in Vietnam. It was during this period that he attracted the well-documented attention of the MI5 intelligence service.”
BBC Biography

Alistair Darling (Chancellor of the Exchequer):
“Darling attended the University of Aberdeen and earned a Bachelor of Laws. In 1977, Darling was a supporter of the International Marxist Group, part of the Trotskyist Fourth International.”
Evening Standard article

Alan Johnson (Home Secretary)
Johnson, currently Home Secretary, is quoted as saying: “I wasn’t a Trot,” he insists. “I was more CPGB [Communist Party of Great Britain]. I did consider myself to be a Marxist – I read more chapters of Das Kapital than Harold Wilson.”
New Statesman biography

John Reid (one time Northern Ireland Secretary):
“I have known John Reid as a Communist, as a member of the Scottish Labour party and now as a general in the New Labour Army. His march across this ideological battlefield has been seamless with not a hint of embarrassment. But John is an able person, one of the most able in New Labour’s high command. They put him up to deliver the message. And they are right, he is a very capable, articulate figure,” said George Galloway, the Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin.

Bob Ainsworth (Minister of Defence)
“In a number of newspaper stories last week, it was suggested that the latest Defence Secretary, Bob Ainsworth, had been – at the age of 30 – a ‘candidate member’ of a body called the ‘International Marxist Group’. The IMG, originally associated with the prominent student revolutionary Tariq Ali, was a Trotskyist group active in the 1970s and 1980s, whose members at one stage adopted the slogan “Victory to the IRA”.”
Daily Mail

Steven Byers
Stephen Byers was once an activist in the Socialist Workers Party.

Charles Clarke (one time Education Secretary)
“He was educated at Highgate School and later King’s College, Cambridge, gaining a BA in maths and economics. Mr Clarke was president of the NUS from 1975 to 1977 before becoming a councillor in Hackney from 1980 to 1986. Interestingly, as a radical Marxist he spent a year in Cuba, organising the 1978 World Youth Festival, which was also attended by future New Labour modernisers Peter Mandelson, Paul Boateng (ex Chief Secretary to the Treasury) and Fiona McTaggart (ex Under Secretary of State).”


Alan Milburn (one time Health Secretary)
Marxist. “He famously worked in a Marxist bookshop in Newcastle formally called Days of Hope”.

Charlie Whelan (Ex advisor to Gordon Brown)

David Triesman (once General Secretary of Labour Party)


Gordon Brown:
“While Tony read for the bar, Gordon was doing his doctorate on James Maxton an idealistic Clydeside MP from the Marxist ILP.”
BBC Biography

The decision to give Gordon Brown his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two T&G officials: Hugh Wyper, the regional boss and a Communist Party member , Deputy Director of the TUC and KGB agent, Alec Kitson.

Jack Straw (Minister of Justice):
Joined Labour Party at 14!

According to his own letter in the Independent newspaper Jack Straw is a Self avowed stalinist .

President National Union of Students 1972.
A quote from someone who knew him at that time:

“Novelty and staying power were combined only in the third kind of student politics, student unionism. This did not really exist before 1968-9. Its arrival was signalled by the election of Jack Straw to the presidency of the National Union of Students in 1969 at the head of a slate backed by something in the shadows called the ‘Left Caucus’. And its existence was consolidated by the election of Digby Jacks as Straw’s successor in 1971. Jacks was (and was widely known to be) a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and the guiding force in the ‘Left Caucus’ from the outset was the CPGB. The CPGB’s success in getting first Straw and then Jacks elected to
the NUS presidency established student unionism as a form of student politics with serious leftwing political pretensions; it gave to student unionism a gravitational pull on ambitious leftwing students which it had never previously had, and it forced IS and the IMG to reorient themselves to student unionism to counter the CPGB’s success in this arena, although their presence in it merely reinforced the CPGB’s influence.”

Official: Born in Essex in August 1946, Jack Straw went to Private Brentwood School. He then read law at Leeds University and qualified to practice as a barrister. He worked as a barrister until 1974. From 1974-77 he worked as a political advisor to Labour governments. He then worked as a television journalist until 1979. He married Alice Perkins in 1978 and they have two children. Jack Straw has been MP for Blackburn since 1979.

Self declared Stalinist Jack Straw said after Blair’s New World Order speech at the 2001 Labour Conference that “the day of the nation state is over”,and that the biggest threat to the UK is “English Nationalism” so continuing a policy of treason against the people of England.

Links with Old Labour

It has recently been discovered that many Old Labour supporters were truly KGB agents.

Jack Jones and Alec Kitson

Jack Jones, head of the TUC, during the turbulent 1970s was a Soviet agent. See KGB Colonel says he paid Jack Jones, Jack Jones worked for KGB , Union boss sold secrets to KGB and Reaching through the iron curtain. This might seem innocuous but the unions bankrolled Labour and labour MPs are usually trained within the unions. His union sponsored and trained Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman and John Reid. It is impossible to believe that these individuals were not moles given that the two top jobs in the union were held by Jones and Kitson who were both KGB agents.

Jenny Little

Jenny Little, the secretary of Labour NEC’s International Committee was working with the Soviets.

A quote from the Observer article:
“The Observer, August 25, 2002 The old communists of New Labour by Peter Oborne:
(clip) The influence of the Communist Party on New Labour has been neglected. One day it will be an important subject for a dissertation or PhD by a university graduate. It is not merely the case that a significant number of figures in the Government machine – John Reid, David Triesman, Peter Mandelson, Charlie Whelan to name a few – belonged to the Communist Party of Great Britain in all its King Street grandeur. Many others – Stephen Byers and Alan Milburn among them – were connected in one way or another with the obscure sub-Marxist organisations that abounded in the 1970s, doing their best to tear down capitalism. Even those, like Jack Straw, who had no Marxist sympathies at all, were obliged to come to terms with communist methods and adversaries in the shadowy internecine struggles of the 1970s and 1980s. It is these methods – as opposed to the now despised Marxist dogma about ownership of the means of production – that have endured to influence the Blair Government. Millbank admittedly borrowed its technology – rebuttal units, the Excalibur computer etc – from the United States. But the obsessive secrecy, centralisation and intolerance of dissent which were such overwhelming characteristics of the Millbank operation reek of the CPGB. David Triesman was a significant figure of the Euro-communist movement of the 1970s, an attempt to give communism a ‘human face’. Thirty years on and he is attempting a comparable exercise with New Labour. It turns out that 2002 is New Labour’s climacteric year. If Clarke and Triesman succeed, and a thousand flowers bloom, they will secure Labour’s
position as the natural party of government for decades to come. If they fail, they will make the party ungovernable and sow the seeds of long-term decline.”

this link for a US copy of this Observer article that can no longer be accessed

In the 1970s, during the formative years of the New Labour elite, the Soviet Embassy used to provide Socialist Societies in British Universities with information packs on how to foment revolution. The key policy in these packs was the destruction of national morale and culture and the encouragement of mass immigration was an explicit objective. See London needs immigrants Labour wanted mass migration – as Neather says “I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.” Could New Labour have been deliberately trying to undermine English society?

The leading lights of New Labour were teenagers who were disaffected with their parents or alienated by their schools in the late 1960s and 1970s. They took up left wing politics in the 1970s and joined the shadowy “Socialist Societies” of the student left that were initially organised by the Communist Party of Great Britain and, this being the Cold War, were ultimately resourced from the Soviet Union. They were instructed to infiltrate the establishment and succeeded, especially in infiltrating the Labour Party and Unions. The damage wrought to the British economy in the seventies and the massive changes wrought to British culture in the nineties and noughties have achieved the Kremlin’s dreams. Britain does not have the manufacturing industry or social cohesion to fight a major war. How ironic that the Soviet Union fell before it could capitalise on its fifth column activity. Unfortunately the English are left being governed by conspirators who have little remaining purpose except to continue damaging our society whilst portraying themselves as friends of the workers. Most alarmingly for the English, the only way these people can rationalize their early treachery is to maintain that the nation state itself is a bad thing and to work towards it’s dismantlement.

The strangest aspect of this affair is that the British Intelligence Services were riddled with KGB agents and communists yet the electorate has a problem understanding that the whole of the British Left was and is infiltrated by people who are slyly acting in bad faith, against the interests of the population. Bad faith is not illegal, you can’t be arrested for being a secret psychopathic maoist or trotskyist even if you are Home Secretary. The colleagues of these subversives know there is a problem and have tried to warn us that these people pose as our friends but are actually destroying our society like robotic devices from some long forgotten war. Why do we believe those who were trained to deceive?

The bulk of the article above can be found at: CLICK HERE
But please don’t blame them – I chose it because I thought it would help my audience to better understand and I have added the odd part to further assist!

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

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