Well aware of the tedium some may suffer with an excess of my opinion on this blog many may enjoy someone elses ‘take’ on TheBNP’s position subsequent to The BBC and its handling of the Question Time programme:


Peter Watson said:

No real argument with comments from Simon Muir – but the BBC made two
terrible mistakes.
1 – they stuffed the audience with 20-30 something uneducated Metrosexual
multi culti mornons and a token 1/2 dozen BNPlite supporters
2- they treated him abominably

& IN RESPONSE:I absolutely agree. Had it been me producing, I would have laid my trap
far more carefully!

The right answer to Griffin is to put him up against real intellectuals
(although I’m certain Straw was thrown to the BBC by Labour as a
nominee: they didn’t choose him).

Griffin is evidently not that bright, but arrogant, and rarely exposed
as he’s rarely in debate with intellectual equals (heck, he’s rarely if
ever in real debate!). When he’s faced down by people able to challenge
him, his weaknesses and duplicity become obvious very quickly.

Had the BBC been cleverer, the BNP would have been really damaged.

>the effect has been to increase the support for the BNP

That is largely Cameron’s fault. The Cameroon party (so named because
they should emigrate and stay there!) has left the British voters with
no serious conservative alternative, as Sean Gabb so eloquently pointed
out earlier in the week. The Faragistas are a policy-free zone of
corrupt dilettantes, so that doesn’t leave anywhere meaningful for a
non-socialist Brit to place his electoral cross.

It didn’t have to be this way. The biggest political disaster of the
last two decades was not the EU, nor the rise of New Labour, nor even
the surgical dismemberment of the UK by Bliar. It was the take-over of
the Conservative party by Fabians, corporatists and socialists.

> = BUT answer this
>Why was Griffin so badly prepared to respond to what was clearly going to =
>a bear pit? How could Griffin NOT state what Straw said about England?
>How could Griffin in reply to a question on his holocaust denial
>answer “I don’t know why I believed those things”?

Because he is not just a racist but a coward too?

I won’t defend Dimbleby, except in one particular: when Griffin was
attempting to actually deny things captured on video, I think he and the
other panellists were caught off-guard. Dimbleby is well used to
politicians saying ‘I didn’t mean that!’ but to hear an immediate flat
denial of things on tape caught him off-guard, and indicates an almost
clinical problem in Griffin.

It was a disturbing insight, and I think both Straw and Dimbleby had
prepared for a better intellect than was actually exposed.

>Straw showed his roots, Jacob Stravinsky once a communist rioter
>who broke the medieval stained glass windows in Cambridge.,,,, and
>not an Englishman by any measure – and he wants no control on
>immigration at all. HE gained more votes for the BNP than Nick Griffin los=

Absolutely so. Like Hain, and numerous others, ageing communist sleepers

Darzi did the Tories no good whatsoever, either. If Cameroon had any
sense he’d get her off the front bench tomorrow morning (how did she get
into the Lords in the first place?). But again, that’s not the point…

>and no I will not vote BNP because it is a SOCIALIST PARTY! let alone
>an embryonic nightmare.

It’s really the British Nazi Party.

Read “Hitler’s Beneficiaries” by Göetz Aly, which is all about the
communist elements of Nazism, from a mainly economic perspective. They
made it work for almost 15 years, but the price was the destruction of
the European economies for almost 30 years afterwards and however many
millions that were killed in the actual fighting, the suppression of
occupied populations, the Holocaust, and the famines that were the
consequence of Nazi ‘economics’ even after the war itself ended.

The BNP, if you dig deep enough, would do the whole lot over again.
Their ethnic cleansing, were it ever to take place here, would be
gleefully extended to the continent, as they joined forces with their
‘brethren’ in Germany and elsewhere.

They may be utter filth at the core (with the same demonic ability the
Mosleyite Nazis had to ‘speak for us’, specifically the white British
working class), but I’m afraid my real anger is reserved for global-
governance Tory grandees like Hezza, Clarke, Hurd and cohort. It is they
who have created the clammy corner in which the BNP has taken root, and
they are responsible for it’s success, far more so than Griffin.

A chilling example occurred en passant on that very same Question Time.
All of the panellists who spoke on the topic rounded on Enoch Powell,
denouncing him as a racist of the most vile kind, and not even Dimbleby
(who like Straw and others must have known him) was prepared to put the
record straight.

Powell was a very good man, by any measure I can apply. I’ve read and
listened to his speeches, including the ‘rivers of blood’ one, and if
you actually listen, he is erudite, cautious and caring of all, and most
definitely NOT racist in any meaningful sense of the word. He
understood, deeply and intellectually, culture, and what happens when
you impose change and destroy communities by what is essentially
invasion. He foresaw the rise of today’s BNP and it was AGAINST such a
malign force he was attempting to persuade both the public and the Tory

I think his mistake was that he trusted the Tory leaders to be open to
argument, and to behave honestly and truthfully (lies were anathema to
Powell). I think he genuinely couldn’t understand Heath in an English
context, deviant, devious and dishonest as he was, since he had
previously encountered such people wearing Nazi uniforms.

Yet, despite a passing reference to his government service, the
consensus was that he was both evil and wrong. To a Christian, the
calling of right ‘wrong’ is demonic!

My main observation from this however is that again there was exposed
the chilling truth: the establishment, as it exists today in this
country, has no more interest in truth, British culture and preservation
of our national identity, than might Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda machine.

It is our destruction that is the PURPOSE of the likes of Clarke, Hurd,
Hezza, Duncan, Mandelsohn, Straw, Steel, Bliar, etc., not a by-product,
nor some massive flaw in otherwise acceptable policy. In exchange they,
or their chosen nominees and children, get to enter the ranks of the new
global elite, to live as our overlords, lives cushioned from both the
tribulations and the accountability that the rest of us have to deal

The BNP SUITS THEIR PURPOSES in that its racism and extremism (and soon,
its violence!) will provide the pretext to complete the suppression of
the indigenous British population, paving the way for the global elite
governance we know is already in preparation.

For a short while Griffin et al might still be dealt with by strong
bleach, some scrubing, and a good rinse down afterwards.

The absence of a true conservative alternative, however, is a different
matter. THAT will spell the end of our nation, and it is that for which
the Tories are ENTIRELY responsible. And they should be despised and
outcast because of it, ESPECIALLY those in the lower and middle ranks of
the party who have permitted this state of affairs to arise in exchange
for short term tactical benefit. All women shortlists: neat,
unadulterated Fabianism! They have been sowing dragons’ teeth for forty
years: now they will pay.

On reflection, I come away from Thursday night reviling Cameron’s
backers and minders even more than the BNP.


Simon Muir

Simon Muir has now resigned from EUkip in some disgust having been the Branch Chairman and Organiser for Bristol and organiser of what seems to have been the last successfull UKIP Conference held at The Colston Hall in 2004 under the Chairmanship of Petrina Holdsworth and aided by Peter Baker.

I hope you enjoy his occasional articles on this Blog as I do – they are always thought provoking.

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